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Professor Francesco Kanonako and Hotel Capri Palace Hotel & Spa presents a unique proprietary program “School of the legs.”
Located on the island of Capri in the heart of the Mediterranean, a luxury hotel Capri Palace Medical Spa offers an original, based on the recovery of the joints, treatment of varicose veins, as well as getting rid of cellulite.

This method, developed and patented by Professor Francesco Kanonako, consists of a series of combined treatments. In general, they are characterized by the use of rich active ingredients that act on blood vessels.

Venous insufficiency with the presence of varicose veins or capillary-venous ectasia (surface capillaries) – is more than a problem, as it can go to the top of the pathology that should be examined by medical specialists and assign it to a specific treatment.

Women often have problems with venous and lymphatic circulation. In men, although to a lesser extent, may also occur such symptoms.

Typically, such diseases are suffering are the people who spend most of the day on your feet, do not eat or have a genetic predisposition to them. Sometimes the systematic use of drugs, the rapid set up in weight, physiotherapy erroneous or incorrect posture can cause such diseases.

That is why our treatment of cutaneous and subcutaneous spend biostimulation, besides increasing the skin’s elasticity, preventing the formation of stretch marks, and most importantly, the health of the feet back. Treatment of “School of the feet” is very effective in dealing with sluggish blood circulation, favors lymphatic drainage and reduces excess fluid retention in the body.

Types of procedures

Therapeutic mud (20 min) and the rich tonic active substances, eliminate swelling, thanks to the natural freshness of seaweed.
Medical bandages (15 min) are very effective in dealing with a delay of excess fluid in the body. They tone the walls of blood vessels due to the substance that causes the blood vessels.

Hydrotherapy vascular system Kneipp method (15 min) consists of water treatments at different temperatures (from 18 ° C to 38 ° C), using herbal extracts, and minerals. It restores vitality, gives lightness, improves lymphatic and venous tone and stimulates the metabolism.

Massage cold stones (Cold stone) (20 min) – This massage is performed with cold stones of limestone, which improve the absorption of active substances, toning and smoothing the skin of the feet.

Pressure therapy (30 minutes) or manual lymphatic drainage (50 or 75 minutes) improves the elimination of toxins, promotes the oxygenation of tissues and fights cellulite.

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