JOHN IAN You’ll love it!

JOHN IAN focuses on high quality products that can be handed down from one generation to the next whilst remaining stylish and elegant.

JOHN IAN’s rugged/classy Scandinavian/British look makes it sporty and elegant in it’s appearance whilst keeping it’s high quality look and feel.

It’s said that wearing JOHN IAN apparels makes you feel well presented in all situations. JOHN IAN’s a fashion statement “You’ll love it!” lives up to its expectations and is not limited limited to looking good and feeling good, only when dressed up in a classy suit, or in traditional cloths, but makes you look good even when appearing casual – at parties, with family, when traveling or when staying active. JOHN IAN is made for you.

At the JOHN IAN World Collection office located in the beautiful costal town of Fredrikstad, Norway ?? about an hours drive outside of the capital city, Oslo there is a strong awareness – that “first impression” – is the moment that can impact your path of life and future ventures, forever. JOHN IAN is your secure “first impression” for any occasion. You can’t fail wearing JOHN IAN’s products.


JOHN IAN makes sure you are well prepared for any situation. Being that you love life – JOHN IAN – will never limit your appearance and performance. JOHN IAN loves the ruddy, rugged, tough, classy, clean, handsome style. It’s this combination of a simple Scandinavian/British expression that makes JOHN IAN unique and so desirable. To hold a high standard – is in the blood of JOHN IAN. Yes, JOHN IAN is all about lasting quality.

JOHN IAN ONLY create products made with quality good enough, for you to hand down to the next generation, as to carry on your legacy.

All who wear JOHN IAN apparels will be remembered for class, elegance, quality and style.


JOHN IAN – “You’ll love it!” Why? Because wearing JOHN IAN leaves you “loving” the experience and lasting impression.

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