Impressive “acceleration» Ferretti Altura 840

Vice President Ferretti Yachts Marco Segato expressed impressions of the new Altura: «This is the perfect synthesis of a unique layout, good cruising capabilities and comfort tion flybridge vessel.”

When a company Ferretti introduced in 2005, 690th model, not so much furor unusual orange color of the body (refer to the bright color can be different), but the fact that this is the first Italian yacht with aft cabin. No one could not assume that the Ferretti 690 would be so successful. The successful combination of practicality and catchy design provided the shipyard further advance the market for large cruising yachts. Spectacular looking bow of the yacht with elegant “step” bulwark the transition from bow to stern, made ​​it clear that this boat is designed for real travel, not for idle pastime in the harbor in the eternal waiting diners owners.

Ferretti Altura 840

The sister 690th model project Altura 840 is available acceleration”: yacht was longer, at 35 tons increased displacement, output grew by 1,500 hp Outlines new boat Altura resembles predecessor and looks more solid due to the greater length. Aggressive appearance sometimes involves practicality, if not asceticism in finishing the interior, but in our case designers Zuccon International decided not to follow this principle. Novelty Ferretti turned more like a luxury cottage on the water than on the cruise boat. A look from the cockpit to the spacious and bright living room nothing more, but the quality of the materials used is worthy of the most expensive apartments in the first cities in the world. Special delight we called glazed balustrades, resembling huge windows tinted. Thick double glass making them virtually invisible! Couple steps down and you find yourself in the dining area, which is almost at sea level. Through the panoramic windows offer magnificent views of the surrounding expanse of you. On the dais located control station and a couple of seats for guests in case they want to observe the work of the captain. During transitions here often climb to read a book, and so keen seascapes that a couple of hours surprised to discover that he could not overcome, and two pages.

If you look back toward the cockpit, eyes the least pleasant picture – a combination of varnished teak with white skin, soft natural and artificial lighting have to rest. The yacht has a rich electronic filling a lot can be controlled, for example, from the bridge. Management system Naviops helps to adjust the lighting on a ship to control the position in which there are windows, pump, what is the temperature in the refrigerator or freezer. Of course, on the same screen displays the current status information of ship systems, navigation data and the weather forecast. Plumbing in both bathrooms divorced independently blockage in one of them will not lead to failure of the second. Aft cabin, as expected, exceed in size that of a 690 the model. Rectangular room with a king-size bed, a couch, a spacious wardrobe and portholes on three sides in the best traditions of Italian designers. Alas, the ceiling height of 1.93 m for tall people may be rather low. But this limitation is possible to reduce to a minimum the difference in height between the cockpit and cabin. However, for most of us-foot ceiling is not a problem, and the rest will have to accept. Serious drawback the ceiling height on the ground control station, is only 1.83 m, which affects not the best ergonomics of the workplace. You, as the owner, you need to take on the position of captain of a man of small stature.

On the lower deck in addition to the galley and additional dining area are two double guest cabins with a single bathroom, rather big and bright bow cabin with plenty of cabinets for storage of personal belongings. Another two small cabins for crew members are at the bulkhead of the engine room and are a kind of acoustic buffer front of the apartment house. Spacious tion flybridge root is made without any frills. Its layout is traditional for yachts of this size, and the hardtop is equipped with a fabric sunroof.

Ferretti Altura 840

Active guests will probably prefer to spend time in the tank. For them, the Italian designers have provided a huge canopy frame which extends from the dining table. Sometimes sailors to make a choice: to stay at the dock and abandon the planned transition or boldly move forward. In the case of Altura 690 decision would be clear: to send their children to the park, book a table in a restaurant and watch the elements of the window places, melancholy tasting the local cuisine. This model has a serious drawback – too steep nose part, because of which move against the wind is hardly smooth. To understand this feeling, imagine that you have been asked to hold a heavy pear in training Mike Tyson. In Altura 840 two powerful diesel M93 dispersed 70 ton boat against the wind to the speed of 30 knots, and the boat perfectly obey the helm, responding to commands from the steering precise movements. Even with reduced stabilizers Mitsubishi ship does not fall apart. His behavior in these conditions can safely be called exemplary. Despite the waves, the ship’s hull was smooth, and the decks were dry. As explained Andrea Frabetti engineer Ferretti, a couple of degrees by which Flaps raise the nose in calm water, needed in order to lower it to the desired angle in a turbulent sea.

If Altura 690 and 840 are really sisters, you probably are not native, and summary. Acceleration” in this case gave a very, very successful results. Both yachts conceived and built as a major cruise ships, but 840 minutes is a distinct advantage – the body with excellent seaworthiness.

Ferretti Group at Cannes Yachting Festival

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