Palumbo Group introduced new models ISA Yachts and Columbus Yachts

The company Palumbo Group at the exhibition in Monaco reported on the plans for the strategic development of its new production site in Ancona (Italy), which was acquired on August 1, along with the brand ISA Yachts

Now, after the reorganization, the Palumbo Group business is divided into two main divisions: 1) the Navy (sites in Messina, Naples, Malta, Tenerife, headquartered in Monaco) and yachting (the construction of new yachts under the Columbus Yachts and ISA Yachts, apartments in Naples and Ancona); 2) maintenance and refund of Palumbo Superyachts (in Naples, Marseilles, Ancona, Tenerife and Malta).

Thus, ISA Yachts shipyard will have a dual strategic purpose. It will become a central hub for the production of new yachts and post-sales services for the Columbus Yachts and ISA Yachts brands, and will also serve as a powerful refurbishment point and repair of the Palumbo Superyachts in the Adriatic.

With the acquisition of ISA Yachts, Palumbo Group manages two distinct brands, each with its own unique character:

– ISA Yachts will continue to produce yachts that have a recognizable Italian style combined with modern design and innovation;

– Columbus Yachts is becoming a kind of laboratory in which custom, built exclusively in accordance with the wishes and preferences of the client super yachts on universal platforms are created. Boats made of aluminum and steel are divided into several rulers: it received a number of international awards Sport Hybrid (length 131-164 feet), Classic (177-262 feet), Explorer (177-262 feet), Custom, Liberty, Berlinetta and Oceanic Classic, and also Coupe ‘, designed specifically for the markets of the US and Asia.

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