Buddy: this collar is smarter than your fitness tracker!

A dog in the house – it is a great joy, but also a huge responsibility. Startups from Melbourne have developed a clever collar for dogs, the functionality of which is wider than many fitness tracker and smart hours. With him you will always know where your dog is healthy and whether it is. Compared to other smart collars (Hi-Tech LuxeFair.com wrote about them here ) Buddy also shines brightly in the dark, so you will not lose sight of the dog, and potential hazards such as cars, bicycles, etc. it will be not so terrible.

So what are the components included in the design of Buddy? OLED-screen, modules, Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi, and the LEDs on the front of the contour, three-axis accelerometer, ambient light sensor, digital thermometer and a battery that lasts about two weeks of using the collar. Design Buddy is strong enough so that the fall and skiing dog on the ground are not afraid of smart collar.


The device works in conjunction with an application that will send you a message on your phone if the dog had gone too far, or the state of his health raises concerns. It also monitors the physical activity of the animal and its power, generates reminders to Buddy charge and a number of other situations. Basic information is displayed directly on the screen of the collar.

Moreover, a smart collar can become part of a smart home. It will adjust the thermostat, if your dog is too hot or too cold, turn on the lights, open the door and allow the lock to close the dog.

Buddy is available in three different lengths; its width – 3 cm, and weight – about 150 g to collect funds for the project startups published Indiegogo campaign and less than a day received 82 thousand dollars from the 100 needed. Expiration date gadget for all dog owners, especially since it will cost investors $ 180, and in the free market will be worth all the 450.

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