Smart collar allows to know all about the dog

Every dog owner knows that the animal is much more vulnerable than thought by others. To protect the dog and make caring for her easier and more comfortable for the hosts startups in Austin, Texas, have developed a unique smart-collar. The gadget will allow to train a dog more efficient, always know exactly its location, as well as wean animal bark loudly. This Connected Collar has no ill effects on the animal.

Virtual wall, positioning, dynamic support learning function Antila” two way communication with the animal, measurement of temperature, pressure and percentage of fat – that’s just the basic functions of “smart” dog collars Connected Collar. The device is powered by a battery, a charge which is enough for two weeks. Shoot it with a dog in the rest of the time it is not necessary the collar is printed on 3D-printer from a special material without injuring the animal’s neck, and non-allergenic.


According to statistics, 52% of dogs have problems with excess weight, and only 7% of dog owners are paying attention to this problem. Means of health monitoring, built-in “smart” collar, help maintain the animal in good shape. Recordings can be saved and send from your smartphone to your veterinarian. An application that is offered with Connected Collar, will analyze the dynamics of animal health, as well as remind you of the need immunizations and regular checkups. In addition, it has a menu of basic commands that dogs must know; Use vibration accelerates the process of training an animal with Connected Collar.


Thanks to sensors automatically detect the collar when the dog barks, and generates an ultrasonic whistle, animal wean from the habit. The technology of “virtual wallhelps protect the animal in any location so that when the dog enters the coverage area of your home Wi-Fi, you will receive a message about this. You can then activate the virtual wall, and vibration, whistling and mild jerk the leash,” which generated a collar, will warn the dog from crossing the borders of the yard or apartment.

Location of the dog is determined by Connected Collar more accurate than using other GPS-trackers. The gadget uses a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular communications, so you’ll always know where the animal is. LEDs mounted in the collar, will also facilitate the search process.

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