The Patriotic Army

The two most armed people in the world are residents of the United States and Switzerland. In the United States for every hundred people there are about 89 units of legal firearms, in Switzerland there is no exact accounting, but it is known that in each family there is a small arsenal. And, if in the US this is a civilian weapon, then in Switzerland – the most real military automatic rifles. In addition, they are not necessary to buy: after reaching the age of 18, each man is given a native country.

The Patriotic Army

If in the United States the people are fully armed to defend themselves from the enemy of the internal, then in Switzerland – to repel the outside. The second amendment to the US Constitution, which guarantees the right of citizens to store and carry weapons, allows to realize the right of the people to revolt and balance the chances of ordinary citizens and government. The Swiss, on the other hand, ideally realized the concept of the  World War II, when, with an external invasion, the entire male population instantly becomes an army (Swiss Military). In fact, Switzerland is not an army, but the militia is a constantly armed militia.

The brand Swiss Military has long been recognizable – from automatic rifles to watches. The photo is a watch from the collection Touchdown Chrono from Swiss Military Hanowa.

Switzerland is a unique country for Europe, where military service is mandatory for all men. Conscripts must receive a military specialty in one of the 20 special schools near the house, which takes from 18 to 21 weeks, after which the recruits go home, taking with them small arms and uniforms. Periodically, at least once every two years, the fighters are summoned for 2-3-week re-training courses. When the total period of stay in the army reaches 330 days (excluding officers and special forces fighters), service in the army is considered complete. Although after that all men should with their weapons go to the shooting range and hand over standards on shooting, although, honestly, for the majority this is not an obligation, but a good entertainment. The Swiss keep their weapons, equipment and emergency supplies (NZ) at home, and the state does not regulate the rules of storage. All this allows in the event of war to instantly turn the country into a huge army – the mobilization potential is estimated at 1.5 million people. This has led to the fact that Switzerland has for more than one century preferred not to get involved and the country was circumvented by two world wars. Until 2002, the reservists kept a full set of ammunition in the event of hostilities, but under the influence of pacifists they are now forced to keep ammunition in army depots scattered throughout the country.

The Patriotic Army

Made in Switzerland

The current generation of Swiss receives from the state various versions of the automatic assault rifle SIG SG 550 (Sturmgewehr 90) – a typical Swiss product: reliable, convenient, accurate and expensive. SIG 550 is built on the basis of gas-operated automation with a long working stroke of the gas piston, the barrel is locked by turning the bolt on two fences. On the basis of the basic model, the SG 551 carbine is produced, which differs only with a shortened barrel, a flame arrester and a lack of fastening for the bayonet. There is a version SG 552 Commando with an even shorter trunk and forearm. Also produced sniper modification SG 550 Sniper, equipped with adjustable bipods, heavy thick-walled barrel and adjustable butt. Military police, medical orderlies and officers are also entitled to the superb 9mm SIG Sauer P220 pistol as a bonus. Like all Swiss, these weapons are very expensive, but after 50 years, a Swiss can either surrender military weapons, or redeem at a symbolic price that that most people in the country do

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