Great Tanning Secrets

Great Tanning Secrets

Thoughts about a beautiful tan do not leave many of us both in summer and winter, because tanning is not only a good way to improve the appearance of your skin, but also to get rid of annoying pallor.

There are two ways to get a tan: natural and artificial. With a natural tan, everything is clear: this is the one that we get on the beach, basking in the gentle sunbeams, an artificial one is a tan in a solarium. Which one is better, and what is the difference between them?

As you know, being at sea or relaxing on any other body of water, we do not keep track of time. No one is in the sun for ten to twenty minutes, as recommended by medical experts. We sunbathe, bathe, roll on the hot sand from morning to night, and as a result, we get burnt skin and burns, sometimes quite serious. Everything is much simpler in a solarium, so it is very difficult to “re-burn”. In any solarium, according to the type and condition of your skin, they will select an individual dose of tanning. So in this regard, tanning in a solarium is even safer.


Plus, fake tanning is a great way to prepare your skin for a natural one. After all, pale skin burns faster in the sun, so go to the solarium some time before your vacation – and a beautiful, even tan is guaranteed.

Another plus of tanning in a tanning bed is its ability to improve skin condition. However, if you have any problem areas on your skin, in particular, large pimples or moles, it is better to first consult a dermatologist.

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