Underwater city in the Emirates

Dubai residents know a lot about things, and the authorities in every way residents indulge in this. There are already the largest and most terrible water slide in the world. And in the future should appear in Dubai‘s largest underwater park. Designers of “Avatar” will create an underwater city in the Emirates

The new attraction will be called the Pearl of Dubai («Pearl of Dubai“) and stretched in the shallow water near the famous artificial island of the archipelago World. The developer of the project will be the Los Angeles-based company Reef Worlds, which is engaged in resettlement areas for underwater diving and snorkeling. Reef Worlds designers worked on the visual component of such films as “Avatar” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” and the inspiration for the most “Pearls of Dubaiwill serve as a famous mythical Atlantis. Design, reminiscent of the remains of the ancient city, will take about 2 hectares of underwater space. The new attraction will be designed for tourists of all ages: children will be able to consider the construction, swimming masks, and adults engaged in diving.


Dubai‘s largest underwater park

This is not the only “underwaterproject, through which the government of Dubai expect to attract even more visitors. Another similar attraction to become a hotel The Water Discus, consisting of two buildings reminiscent of wheels: one is located above the sea surface, and the second in the water. The buildings will be interconnected columns and vertical shaft for elevators. So that everyone will be able to spend the night on the ocean floor in one of 21 rooms on the lower level of the hotel. In addition, the hotel will be a restaurant, a spa, a diving center and even an exotic garden. In short, the government of Dubai will do anything to lure in their city as more tourists – whether on land or at sea.

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