How reconcile different signs of the zodiac

How reconcile different signs of the zodiac

It’s great, of course, to live in peace with everyone and never quarrel. Great, but almost no one does it. And this means that one must be able to tolerate

All the signs of the zodiac do it differently.

Aries is sometimes ready to admit his guilt, but it will take a long time to gather strength to say so. But he can do a lot of good for someone he offended, so that reconciliation is easier. This method works until Aries collides with a person for whom it is of fundamental importance to understand the situation and dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Taurus rarely has to take the first steps towards reconciliation: usually the surrounding people are so interested in communicating with him that they are ready to forgive much. But if the Taurus still takes the initiative, it does so very aggressively and does not calm down until it gets its way. So put up with Taurus faster.

Twins make it easy. They, like nobody else, know how to pretend that there was no quarrel, and if they did, the whole matter is in misunderstanding, and if they are not, they easily apologize, even if they do not consider that they are really to blame. If the Twins consider themselves offended, they too easily go to reconciliation, but do not forget anything.

Cancer does not like to be at loggerheads with others, so it tries to restore the world as quickly as possible. Sometimes for the sake of this he says what he regrets later, or makes serious concessions. Sometimes Cancers go to reconciliation in a different way: they conduct long conversations, explain why they did so, and not otherwise, involve third parties in the case. And all this is just for everyone to be happy again.

The Lion makes peace without haste, but with dignity. He can admit his guilt if he really thinks he is guilty, or accept your apologies if they are sincere. Lean does not need a “lean” world, only good is needed. An exception is when you can be useful to him.

Virgo makes peace and is constructive. With it, you can discuss the differences that have arisen, analyze the situation and reach a compromise. But all this happens only as long as the cup of the Virgin’s patience does not overflow. After this happens, the representative of the sign will also calmly and constructively put up, but not with you.

Libra are tolerated easily and willingly, and this is misleading to many. Meanwhile, it is worth bearing in mind that the representatives of the sign do not forget anything. And their grievances, too. Even those who invented it themselves. Therefore, after reconciling with Libra, do not rush to relax.

Scorpio is reconciled ingenuously and resourcefully. But he does this only in two cases: if he is very interested in a relationship or is about to strike back soon. In other situations, Scorpios prefer to wait for the initiative of the other side.

The Sagittarius reconciles quickly and willingly simply because for him it soon enough becomes a habit. Emotional, quick-tempered Sagittarius often quarrel with others and do not see anything unusual in it. Fortunately, representatives of the sign are resourceful, so conflicts usually do not last long.

Capricorn willingly goes to reconciliation, but only after it is convinced that the other side has realized its mistakes and is not going to repeat them. Own blunders representatives of the mark are also ready to recognize, but only if they are absolutely sure: they will be immediately forgiven.

Pisses and quarrel, and are reconciled unpredictably. Their behavior is influenced by too many factors, and the representatives of the sign often do not understand why in one case they are ready to apologize and try to smooth out the acute angles, and in the other – even half a step they will not meet the one with whom they are at quarrel. But it’s even more interesting.

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