How to make the skin radiant

If the skin suddenly becomes dull, dry and lethargic – perhaps, it experiences oxygen starvation. After all, oxygen is the very substance that gives the cells of the human body energy, and the skin is no exception. Do you want to know what effect O2 has on the skin? The experts say.

Causes of lack of oxygen in the skin

Ideal conditions for freshness and radiance of the skin – life in nature: near the sea or forest or in the mountains. But the truth is that we live in cities where there are industrial production, and the purity of air leaves much to be desired.

Moreover, oxygen deficiency is aggravated by our way of life: almost every day we spend at home or in an office with air conditioning and windows closed forever.

In such conditions, oxygen entering the body is used in the economy mode, according to the principle “where it is needed now”. It is logical that in the first place it goes to vital organs: the heart, brain, liver. And the skin – according to the residual principle, that is negligible.


Having a lack of oxygen, skin cells slow down the rhythm of work – so there are dryness, loss of tone, wrinkles. Is there a way out of this situation, other than moving closer to nature?

Why skin cells need oxygen

A skin cell is a small copy of a large organism. To provide a person with youth, energy and life, the cells divide, and for this they need a lot of energy. As for the skin cells, they spend their energy also on performing various functions.

Some are responsible for the synthesis of hyaluronic acid (it guarantees skin hydration), as well as collagen and elastin, giving elasticity. Others are responsible for the production of lipids – that is, fats. Some protect against the influence of aggressive environmental factors.

And oxygen for cells is a real “fuel”. As, say, wood for a fireplace or gasoline for a car. No fuel – no energy – no work and no result from it. The “cell power station” is mitochondria, whereby energy is formed by chemical reactions in the form of ATP molecules (adenosine triphosphoric acid).
The main and only condition for the formation of ATP is the presence of oxygen. So there really is no life and youth without O2.

What is oxygen cosmetics and what is its use?

To the skin lacked oxygen, it is not necessary to live in a stuffy metropolis. Among other factors:

  • chronic stress;
  • nedosyp;
  • unbalanced nutrition;
  • bad habits.

Also in the risk group is the age skin. It turns out, oxygen starvation accompanies us constantly, and with this we need to do something.

One way to replenish O2 reserves is oxygen cosmetics. It is clear that in a pure form to deliver oxygen to the skin does not work, so scientists have developed alternative methods.

  • The first was the development of the company Faberlic – an emulsion “Aquaftem”, capable of capturing oxygen from the air and carrying it through the epidermal barrier of the skin (and this is difficult) and delivered to living layers of cells that used it for their intended purpose.
  • Later, the scientists of the company decided to increase the delivery of oxygen not only by external means, but also “from within”. As is known from the school course of biology, the skin receives oxygen with a blood stream. So, the wider the vessels, the more useful substances the skin will get. Therefore, scientists Faberlic proposed to use the polysaccharide DST-H, capable of expanding the vessels. After that, the delivery of oxygen to the cells began to pass much more efficiently.

“Radical” movement


Several years ago, around the world, talked about the damaging effect of active oxygen on cell structures – that is, on free radicals. Read further carefully.
The free radical is an oxygen atom, and with the help of “Aquaftem” and the polysaccharide DST-H, oxygen molecules are delivered to skin cells. And only in the mitochondria molecular oxygen is converted into atomic oxygen – and there it is precisely this that is needed to help generate energy.

By the way, for additional help to skin cells in the fight against free radicals (they are formed as a result of sun exposure, contaminated air and, for example, smoking), Faberlic researchers created and included in the cosmetics another antioxidant Turmerin, derived from turmeric.

A new word in oxygen cosmetics

The latest development in the field of oxygen cosmetics is the line of Faberlic Oxiology, which operates in 4 directions.

  1. Carries oxygen into the skin cells: from the outside – with the help of the technology “Aquaftem”, from the inside – with the help of a polysaccharide.
  2. Improves microcirculation of blood in the vessels of the skin due to the amino acid arginine.
  3. Protects cells from free radicals and thereby protects against photoaging due to turmeric.
  4. Increases the energy production in the cell, using the oxygen obtained to the maximum, – and this helps the special oxygen drones.

About this innovative technology should be said separately. Drones are “transport” capsules that deliver the necessary substances to the skin. And specially trained.

Scientists have programmed oxygen drones in such a way that they aspire directly to fibroblasts – cells responsible for the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. They guarantee us the absence of wrinkles and the clarity of the contours of the face.

Drones contain chlorella, which helps the cell get the maximum possible amount of energy from the skin. And it, in turn, is spent on the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid. The result is freshness, radiance, youth.

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