Dermatologists are begging you to forget 6 misconceptions about skin care

We found out from practicing dermatologists what habits in patients irritate them the most.

And after that we realized that many mistakes are very familiar to us … What do dermatologists are saying?

TAR Soap is very effective in cleaning

It’s no secret that tar soap with its own kind kills bacteria, but along with them the hydrolipid mantle of the skin dies. Its absence is almost a guarantee of secondary infection and the strongest dehydration of the skin. So for bathroom procedures, choose a cosmetic soap or a moisturizing gel.

Dermatologists are begging you to forget 6 misconceptions about skin care

Lack of sex leads to the appearance of acne

There is such an ancient belief that people who do not complain about the lack of sex do not suffer from acne. In fact, inflammation is associated with sexual activity very indirectly, through hormonal regulation. Most often it is hormonal imbalance (but its cause is not necessarily hidden in the absence of regular sexual acts) leads to rashes.

But pregnancy in most cases helps at the time get rid of acne. Although it would not be advisable to have children only for this reason (or because of public censure).

Drugs with hormones are more harmful than the disease itself

Of course, we all want the disease to go away or be cured with herbal tea. But sometimes hormones are a necessity. For example, no emollient cream is able to relieve the exacerbation of psoriasis or eczema, and no herbs are able to cure an autoimmune disease. Hormones, however, are also unable to rid themselves of this forever, but they are at least able to keep the process under control.

“Fatal consequences for health can be obtained only if you apply a hormone-containing ointment for several months (and with the advent of modern low-dose drugs – and years) in a row. In fact, hormones are used for a maximum of two weeks, then the patient is transferred to a supporting cosmetic care. During this time, the symptoms go away, but the habituation does not have time to develop. Yes, in a few months (or years) the disease will return, but not because the hormones are to blame, but because the disease is chronic in principle, “- says medical expert

Dermatologists are begging you to forget 6 misconceptions about skin care

Dry skin should be wiped with oil, and fatty – with alcohol

It seems that these are the most popular misconceptions concerning different types of skin. And that’s why. In itself, oil in its pure form is almost not absorbed into the epidermis, it needs to be “activated”. This can be done with the help of emollients (other fat-like substances), which are added to cosmetics.

As for oily skin, in the care of her “good people” like to advise alcohol lotion, tincture of calendula or salicylic acid. In practice, such care leads to new problems. The skin constantly shines, it becomes even fatter, but it is tightened, peeled and cracked, and the attempt to apply moisturizing cream leads to aggravation of acne. In this situation, the skin needs special treatment.

This is due to the fact that alcohol greatly dehydrates the skin, to which the sebaceous glands respond with the release of an additional portion of sebum, trying to restore the “cracks” in the epidermis. The same “cracks” are actively rushing bacteria, causing additional inflammation. So moisturizing (it is moisturizing, not fatty cream with oils) is the main stage of care for oily skin.

By the way, another misconception about oily skin, concerns scrubs. It is believed that deep cleansing reduces the secretion of sebaceous glands. In fact, frequent peelings and scrubbing, on the contrary, worsen the situation (the face starts to gloss even more). So dermatologists advise to carry out these procedures not more often 1-2 times a week.

Dermatologists are begging you to forget 6 misconceptions about skin care

Baby creams can not harm an adult

Something from children’s means can really be used by adults. But not creams for the body. “Children’s creams do provide deep moisturizing, however they contain a large amount of fatty components that contribute to the violation of the water-lipid balance of the skin. If you use such cosmetics for the face, then there is a clogging of the pores, a breach of the skin’s breathing and even inflammation in some of its areas, “says the dermatovenereologist-cosmetologist

Tonal cream and powder spoil the skin

A tonal cream or powder, capable of spoiling the skin, you need to look: even the most budgetary brands are checking their products for safety. But some of them are capable of hammering the pores. There are entire lines of decorative cosmetics that can be used daily even on sensitive and injured skin.

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