There is a fine line between passionate love and love addiction. If in the first case, people are going through a stage of violent passion

The most dangerous alliances among the zodiac signs

There are several alliances in the zodiac galaxy that initially have dangerous potential

There is a fine line between passionate love and love addiction. If in the first case, people are going through a stage of violent passion (in order to move on to a calm relationship), then in the second, reality is replaced by genuine madness. Relationships in such a couple develop along the Mobius strip: from love euphoria to complete devastation. And so in a circle. People cannot live together, but separately everything loses its meaning. There are several such alliances in the zodiacal galaxy, which initially have dangerous potential.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) & Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

A feeling of love inspires these partners, gives unearthly emotions, but only for a short time. The sweet languor of flight is quickly replaced by a hurricane of passions that draws you into its funnel. After that, a person can only dream about peace. Gemini at first feel deep satisfaction from the clearing elements (and this sign is a representative of the air), but they are unable to keep control over it. Scorpio sinks to the very bottom of the tornado, because he wants to get to the bottom of the true reason for love. But there is pitch darkness, and instead of the truth there are only doubts. However, there is no return after this. Parting and pretending that nothing happened is absolutely impossible. A fatal meeting completely changes a person, makes him obsessed.


This couple will never be bored. Moments of heavenly pleasure will smoothly turn into grandiose scandals. Over time, the guys will even learn to experience a sadomasochistic sense of satisfaction from the vicissitudes of family life. Fickle Gemini always keep the bar of intrigue, and that’s all Scorpio needs. In turn, the water sign will harass Gemini with its sharp attacks, touching pain points. And where the sweetness of torment is, there is also a spark for inspiration. In this dangerous union, they sincerely swear eternal love, feeling hatred for the object of adoration. Partners are ready to give their lives for each other at any time, because they know that their souls are connected by inseparable threads. If the couple, for some reason, is separated, the experienced feelings will be forever imprinted in the memory.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) & Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

These guys have such opposite temperaments that you only wonder how they ended up together. Life priorities, family values ​​- all this is as different as possible for each sign. However, once they taste the sweet fruit of mutual love, they can no longer stop. The independent Sagittarius is attracted by a magnet to the owner-Cancer, and the second is attracted by the broad outlook of the fire sign. If anything can make a Sagittarius give up eternal travel, it is only the loyalty of a devoted Cancer. Wherever he is, he will always be drawn to his home. But, of course, it cannot do without scandals in this amazing combination. The ardent nature of Sagittarius requires fresh impressions, contrasting emotions, and it is difficult for Cancer to understand his desire. If all is well, what else does he want ?! Why is a quiet fireplace in a cozy house not nice? But Sagittarius needs air, free will for the flame of passion.


Therefore, these guys will constantly quarrel and put up. Walk after each other, ask for forgiveness, and scandal again. An endless series of impossible promises, Cancer’s inescapable jealousy, Sagittarius’ obstinacy … Only patience and understanding of the other will allow you to reach the golden mean in this pair. A compromise is possible, but the road to it is long. However, this is the essence of the family happiness of the two signs. The threat of separation scares them much more than all the hardships of a dangerous union.

Leo (July 23 – August 22) & Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Only those guys who can fully understand each other’s needs have a chance for eternal love. Otherwise, the obstinate Leo and the freedom-loving Pisces will try to find happiness on the side. Only this venture is a priori doomed to failure. It just doesn’t get better.

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