wise rules of the universe

65 wise rules of the universe

Do not rush things. Let the process unfold itself

Do not neglect these tips in any way! The universe lives by its own laws, and in order for success to accompany you in all your affairs, these laws are worth knowing. And not only know, but also take into account in your life. It is then that the universe will favor you and the feeling of happiness will be with you every morning.

I especially liked laws 20, 27, 34, 63. And you? Although it is certainly difficult to choose one thing, all these laws are truly wise and open our eyes to life as it is.

Take these principles into service and be happy!

  1. You cannot know what is good and what is evil.

  2. But know for sure: imposed good is evil.

  3. You don’t know what the universe needs.

  4. If you are right, then you are wrong.

  5. There is no what is called right and wrong, you do not know what is what.

  6. There is no bad thing, there is something that makes you sad.

  7. There is no good, there is something that pleases you.

  8. The universe is too big for you to damage it.

  9. Perhaps your mistakes are what the universe needs.

  10. Your mistakes will not destroy the universe.

  11. Do not seek the truth, it is not. And if it is, then you do not need it.

  12. Do not look for meaning in life, if it exists, it lies outside of it.

  13. How do you define the purpose of what you are doing? And does it belong to you?

  14. Don’t worry about yourself. In fact, the Universe values ​​you too much to be wasted.

  15. Do not seek your fault. Nothing is your fault.

  16. Do not worry about which path you are directing the other – do you know which is true, which is false?

  17. If what you are doing is difficult for you, think about whether you need it.

  18. Do only what is easiest for you, but do it with all your might.

  19. If you do something by accident, you do it on purpose.

  20. Maintain what you like and elude what you don’t like.

  21. If you can correct the consequences of your mistake, then you are not mistaken yet.

  22. What happens happens on time.

  23. Sometimes finding the right solution will cost you more than a mistake.

  24. What is happening is happening against your will, but in your will to accept, it or not to accept

  25. If in doubt about the road, take a fellow traveler, if you are sure – move alone.

  26. To be strong is to be alone.

  27. The strongest is strongest alone. You yourself can choose what to be.

  28. Every person is lonely. The strong accept and bless their loneliness.

  29. Be calm and attentive to the World, then you will not miss the moment of Power.

  30. When you try to learn about yourself from others, you give them power over yourself. Therefore, be yourself a measure of what is happening to you.

  31. Bless the missed opportunities, you have gained great opportunities.

  32. Give – easy, lose – easy, goodbye – easy.

  33. Do not regret that there was little joy, this will give you another sadness.

  34. Love the enemy – to win.

  35. If the enemy has caught you off guard and you are still alive, he is in your hands.

  36. The more losing the situation, the more advantageous it is.

  37. Do not be afraid of the one who is trying to break your will, for he is weak.

  38. True revenge is neglect.

  39. By yielding, you stand the test.

  40. Give in to weaken the resistance.

  41. Do not strive to be stronger than your opponent, but look for where the opponent is weaker than you.

  42. When you love your enemy, you get to know him better. The more you get to know him, the more advantage you get over him.

  43. You can’t always win, but you can always make yourself invincible. Victory depends on the enemy. Invincibility is from oneself.

  44. Whoever your opponent is, always try to see him as a person. And you will soon find that this approach gives you a huge advantage.

  45. Taste and satiate – each of this has its own pleasure, but do not mix them.

  46. You know the rules, but you do not know all the rules by which the World lives.

  47. The world is sophisticated but not malicious.

  48. There are people, being around whom destroys you. This does not mean that they are bad. This means that being around them destroys you. There are people with whom being around strengthens you and makes you stronger. This does not mean that they are good. This means that being around them strengthens you. Be mindful of yourself the moment you interact with others. And it will become clear to you who is who. Avoid communicating with the former and strive to communicate with the latter. If that doesn’t work, then avoid friendship altogether.

  49. Do you get what you do?

  50. When the fire approaches, it first shines, then heats, and then burns.

  51. Now you are immortal, for you have not died yet.

  52. Do not be afraid of curses, do not strive for praise, they will not bring you anything new.

  53. You create worry and anxiety when you measure success in terms of praise or censure.

  54. Don’t worry about where to go next when you are in the middle of the suspension bridge.

  55. Doing – do it now, then you will never do it.

  56. You can never tell where you are going, only where you hope to come.

  57. Don’t fight. For you inevitably become what you fight against.

  58. Remember the Law of Thirteenth Impact. If once a clock strikes thirteen times instead of the prescribed twelve, then such a clock must be thrown away, no matter what guarantee regarding its repair is given.

  59. All behavior consists of opposites. If you do something and try too hard, sooner or later the opposite of that something appears. Any excessive striving produces its opposite.

  60. Too much force is counterproductive.

  61. A wise leader does not shape the event, but allows the process to unfold itself. If a situation seems difficult to you, leave it to yourself. Left to itself, it will resolve itself.

  62. A wise leader does not block the process with rigid assignments and does not force the event to develop in a certain way.

  63. Do not rush things. Let the process unfold itself.

  64. Silence is a great source of Power.

  65. Leave people periodically and return to silence. Learn to return to yourself.


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