Methods of influencing fate

Methods of influencing fate

Respect for the father and mother gives great strength and protection in a person’s life, because through them the protection of God works

New knowledge inspires us to change our lives, but often we are lost in conjectures: where to start global changes and what is needed for this?


One single key to solving all problems – this is prayer and communication with God. Prayer is the most effective method for changing a person’s destiny. Anyone who wants to change something in his life sooner or later comes to the fact that prayer has tremendous power. Spiritual life shows that the most important thing in this world is a relationship with God. After all, before whom do we pass exams every day of our life, if not before Him?

Developing humility in yourself

Humility is a very important character trait, which is considered one of the most important for a saintly person. Humility is achieved in three ways: by respecting parents, reading the scriptures, and fellowship with spirit elders.

Respect for the father and mother gives great strength and protection in a person’s life, because through them the protection of God works. If we do not respect them, then it is impossible to achieve happiness in this life.

If a man wants to be successful and developed, he must respect his father with all his might. If he wants to marry a good obedient girl, then he must respect his mother. It is the same with women. If a woman wants a good, responsible husband for herself, then she must respect her father at all costs. And if she wants a happy family life and, in addition to everything, develop in society, then she, of course, must respect her mother.

Reading the scriptures and interacting with spiritually senior people is very mind-building. By developing it, we become able to change our lives.


Practicing healthy habits and regulating your life

What is meant by healthy habits? Correct daily routine, bathing in the morning and evening, running, yoga, vegetarian food, fasting, clean house and clothes. These are all healthy habits. However, it is not enough to develop the right habits; you need to know when and how to do them.

You should know what time you need to get up and what time to go to bed, when you need to eat more, and when you should refuse to eat. This is called regulation of life. In this case, the mind will grow stronger, and the mind will calm down.

“People often live according to their karma: when they wanted to, then they ate what they wanted, then they did. However, a person must learn to regulate his actions, otherwise he will not develop reason. Because the mind is designed to regulate actions, not to be led by your desires. Some people think that by doing this they are living a free life. But many do not know that my “want” does not come from my desire, but from my past karma. Any desire that comes into our lives was born much earlier, in past lives, ”notes Oleg Gennadievich.

The person who says: “I am free in my desires. I want to smoke. If I don’t want to, I’ll give up ”, does not understand that he is at the mercy of his desire. He is no longer free. If he was free, he would not smoke. Thinking about imaginary freedom, he becomes a slave to his desire.

The same person who wakes up early in the morning and goes for a cold shower is a truly free person. Because desires pull him back into bed to sleep for another hour. But he overcomes them and goes to do what is necessary. From such actions, the mind becomes stronger, and the mind becomes calmer.


Communication with wise people and attendance of religious ceremonies

Communication with exalted people greatly contributes to progress and personal growth. In the process of such communication, a person is inspired to positive changes in life and, most importantly, he begins to adopt the qualities of a wise person’s character. Pure communication about high things instills in him a new, more blissful taste for happiness.

If religious holiday is held somewhere, then you can get a lot of benefit just by attending it. Spiritual ceremonies open the hearts of people and give an opportunity to touch the Divine principle, help to see the purity of the soul in people.

Contact with auspicious objects

In the Vedic tradition, auspicious objects are described in detail that have a positive effect on their owners and the place where they are. For example, basil, frankincense, mint, and rose plants are home-friendly.

“If you plant mint at home, the situation in the apartment will improve. There will be a lot less anger. And if you plant roses, then there will be more love in the house. There are auspicious scents that purify the mind. You can put peppermint or sandalwood oil in the aroma lamp and the house will be cleaned “,


Charity develops unselfishness very strongly. What does selflessness give? When you help someone and give him what he really needs now, then you save yourself from future problems. For example, if you feed a hungry person, then this will give you the opportunity to be protected in the situation when you need help. And God will give it to you.

For example, you get sick with a serious illness and money will be found for your treatment. Or someone wants to take your business away, and they will not succeed. Selflessness and concern for society gives people protection.


Feeding Consecrated Foods to Your Family Members

The holy book Bhagavad-gita says:

“Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you bring gifts, whatever you give and whatever tapasya (austerity) you do, do it, O son of Kunti, as an offering to Me.”

Consecrated food has tremendous power. It cleanses the mind and promotes the development of the mind of those who eat such food. Each spiritual tradition has its own ritual of blessing food. Choose the one that suits you.

Refusal of unfavorable things and acceptance of all favorable. This means that for a happy, conscious life, you need to give up four things:

  • alcohol, cigarettes and intoxicants;
  • meat, fish, eggs;
  • gambling;
  • extramarital affairs.

Only in this case will the human mind be able to progress. There is no need to give up bad habits, you just need to study how to live correctly. Over time, smoking or drinking will fade into the background, as will the taste for an ignorant life.


Fasting rejuvenates the body and initiates recovery processes, as well as prolongs human life and promotes the development of the mind. We do not recommend multi-day fasting. It is best to fast one day at a time in water, raw juices, or vegetables. It is also auspicious to fast on Ekadashi – fasting on the 11th lunar day on the waxing and waning moon. These days are especially auspicious for austerities and spiritual enlightenment.


The altar cleans the space of the house on the subtle plane and helps to fight against evil forces. In such a place, there are fewer quarrels and more harmony. Icons, images of holy people, water and earth from holy places, candles, flowers can stand on the altar. The altar needs daily care. This should be the cleanest place in the house.

In front of the altar, one must not swear, walk half-naked, or drink alcohol. If possible, it is best to set aside a separate room for the altar in which to practice spiritual practice.


Visiting holy places

Traveling to holy places is very mind-building and life-changing. Spiritual tours help to work through your karma seriously, give healing and strength to fight against bad fate, and also have a beneficial effect on the life of the pilgrim and his loved ones in general.

Praying and chanting God’s names together

This ancient tradition has a very powerful effect on the mind. Joint prayer burns away sins, making a person strong-willed and decisive, able to overcome bad karma. In any spiritual tradition, there is music to which you can chant the names of God. This will strengthen prayer and strengthen the bond with God in a person’s heart.

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