What food kills the immune system

What food “kills” the immune system

Weakened immunity can be the result of poor nutrition.

Food can both increase and decrease the protective properties of the body. Perhaps the main enemies of human immunity are sugar and trans fats

“Excess sugar consumption can alter microflora, and microflora binds the body’s immune responses. Trans fats appear, for example, when dishes are fried in oil several times, when something similar to animal oils is made from vegetable oils. For example, margarine is like butter. There are a lot of trans fats in semi-finished products, they negatively affect the immune function ”

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  1. Various fruits. Five servings (or 400 g) per day provide fiber and reduce the risk of developing noncommunicable diseases.

  2. Vegetables. The WHO also recommends eating five servings of vegetables a day, with preference for seasonal foods. Important: this does not include potatoes! This root vegetable is much less useful than cucumbers or beets.

  3. Lentils. It is useful for coronary heart disease, but people who have problems with the pancreas should limit the use of legumes.

  4. Beans. Another legume that will fit perfectly into the vast majority of the menu.

  5. Nuts. Almost all nuts, being very nutritious, help to suppress hunger faster, which means you eat less.

  6. Walnuts. They deserve special mention because they help to increase libido, especially in men.

  7. Unprocessed corn. Of course, if we are not talking about popcorn!

  8. Millet. A good basis for a healthy diet. Recently, it has returned on sale in stores selling organic and nutritional products.

  9. Brown rice. White rice, the most popular, unfortunately lacks almost all nutrients – in fact, it is empty fiber. But brown rice retains all vitamins and minerals.

  10. Oats. Everything is clear here, right?

  11. Avocado. Gradually, avocado penetrates into Russian cuisine, although it cannot yet be called a well-known product. Avocados are an ideal source of unsaturated fat. One “but”: fats should not exceed 10% of total consumption!

  12. Olive oil. Yes, it is much more expensive than sunflower, but it is much more useful. True, it is usually not recommended to fry food on it.

  13. Rapeseed oil. But you can fry in rapeseed oil – by the way, this culture is gaining popularity

  14. A fish. Again, there is no need to explain once again that a diet that includes a lot of fish dishes (Mediterranean and Japanese diets) is much healthier than one based on meat consumption.

  15. Turkey meat. Turkey is a lean food, and therefore is suitable for most diets.

  16. Rabbit meat. Meat, which is not often found on tables, is nevertheless considered lean and healthy for many.

  17. Low-fat cottage cheese. Unless you have problems absorbing lactose. Remember, dairy products contain trans fats, which shouldn’t make up more than 1% of your intake!



It is also necessary to pay attention to the content of the so-called E-shek, flavor enhancers, flavors, dyes. Their excess can also affect the state of immunity.

“By itself, the content of, for example, a dye in a food product will not bring a negative. But if a person constantly eats something with dyes, flavors, the total impact can have a negative effect, ”

And immunity is also harmed by the monotony in food, when the same dishes high in fat and carbohydrates constantly appear on your menu.

“The worst thing is eating empty calories. When we eat ordinary natural foods, eat a variety of foods, then willy-nilly we get the whole spectrum of vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants, substances that our immune system needs. If a person has only potatoes, pasta, pork and cucumbers in his diet every day, a deficiency of vitamins, microelements and antioxidants is automatically brewing. The same is true if a person eats fast food. Any deficiency will be critical for immunity, ”


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