shoe models every girl should have

5 shoe models every girl should have in their wardrobe

There are never too many shoes, and it really is. While some are persistently investing in diamonds, while others are diligently buying up the latest trends of the season in order to be “in style”, we advise you to pay special attention to shoes and build your own basic collection that will last more than one season (or even a year).

High Heel Shoes

You can discuss the convenience of high-heeled shoes for a long time, but you must admit that not a single publication or event is complete without the classics of high heels shoes. Graceful and elegant, they will be the best complement to your festive look. Remember: the toe should be slightly pointed and elongated, the heel height should vary within 2-4 inches, and the most optimal shades can be safely considered light beige, black, dark blue and red. And yes, it is with boats that the rule applies: the more expensive the better. Still, you have to pay for quality!



If once they were just the prerogative of the gym and wearing them with classic suits was considered a real bad manners, now the time has changed, and we put on sneakers literally every day – “in a feast and in the world.” And even if you’re still distrustful of sneakers, getting at least one pair is definitely worth it (we’re sure you’ll be drawn in).

The main thing is to remember the rule: in no case should an equal sign be put between running shoes and trendy models. And take a closer look at white sneakers that can be combined with both feminine dresses and formal blazers, thereby creating stylish everyday looks.



Another essential element that every girl should have. By the way, now sandals can be worn in spring, summer and even autumn, combining laconic models with thin straps with socks or tight tights. Yes, the days are gone when such gestures were considered the height of indecency.

Rough boots

Grunge starts to regain its positions again. And it’s not that rough models are a great chance to show your ardent love for a certain style or fashion trend, but also another reason to play with fashion trends and try on a contrasting bow. A romantic dress, decorated with a floral print, combined with boots with chunky soles, is just the very trendy solution that is definitely worth trying this spring.


Ballet shoes

Comfortable and feminine shoes will always find a use for themselves and will perfectly harmonize with almost any look and bow. As for the colors, the choice here is limited only by your preferences and tastes. We advise you to purchase at least one pair of flesh-colored ones (just never think of combining beige ballet flats with tights in dark shades – you can’t avoid fashion failure).

It is only important that the ballet flats look relevant – for example, now models with round noses are definitely considered an anti-trend (but ballet flats with an oblong nose on Viennese heels will look stylish and modern).


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