Poisonous woman

Poisonous woman

She tries to hurt you, provoke you into conflict, quarrel and scandal.

I think you have met such women. With a piercing look, angry eyes and a face twisted with anger. It seems that her whole being is saturated with poison, and she is only looking for an excuse to pour this poison on someone. Waits for its prey, examining potential victims with its piercing gaze.

Poisonous women live among us. They use public transport, stand in long lines, and work in public utilities. Ah, the market is also a place where you can always meet them. Of course I’m kidding.

Learn to recognize poisonous women

But for some reason, it is in these places that a loud screeching scream is most often heard, which spreads nothing but dirt around itself. You don’t even need to listen to the words, you hear the intonation, the timbre of the voice, you catch these low vibrations, and you understand – there is a poisonous woman in front of you.

She strives to offend you, provoke you into a conflict, quarrel and scandal. Curses and insults are used. Thus, she tries to drain her accumulated supply of poison and feed on your fresh healthy energy. And the more “fresh blood” she has noticed, the stronger will be the efforts to shatter your nervous system.


I know one such woman personally. More precisely, I am not closely acquainted with her, but fate decreed that almost every day we got into the same minibus at the same stop and both went to the final one. When she saw me for the first time, she stared at me for a long time. I immediately noticed this, mentally fenced myself off from her with a wall and simply did not pay attention.

The next step to our “acquaintance” from her side was elbowing me and kicking me under the cover of the crowd in the minibus. But I could see perfectly well that she did it on purpose, continuing to watch my reaction with a gaze. Instead of making comments to her (which she undoubtedly hoped for), I made way for her or pushed deeper into the crowd away from her.

The impossibility of “touching me to the quick” made her very angry. And during the next trip together, she decided out loud, addressing abstract listeners – minibus passengers, to discuss my appearance. Like, look at how today’s youth are dressed up, heels are nowhere higher, and earrings are such that their ears drop. The most real whores!

And when I turned to her words, she looked at me with the air of an absolute winner. I smiled and told her: “Thank you for the compliment.” And calmly turned away. She almost choked on her poison, which was ready to pour on me in an endless stream.


This is a clear example of a venomous woman, an energetic vampire who feeds on what throws people off balance. After all, while the “victim” remains calm, she refuses to accept the poison that the vampire offers her. But one has only to lose his temper, start to get annoyed, angry, indignant, as this poison rushes under a very great pressure.

Therefore, I always say – learn to recognize poisonous women. It is with them that you do not need to stand up for yourself, defend your position and fight for respect. This is not a time to show your character.

Here you need to remain silent and inwardly remain calm. Just when you are attacked and provoked into an open conflict, tell yourself: “I have a poisonous woman in front of me. She’s so unhappy. May God grant her happiness! “

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