Angels of Vengeance by Zodiac Sign

Angels of Vengeance by Zodiac Sign

All these ordinary people are zodiac signs, or rather, messengers of the Universe. And there are only 3 such representatives in the zodiacal constellation

They come to this world and carry a certain mission in themselves. Their purpose is to show that there is a hell and a heaven. These are not incorporeal beings, but living people who came into our life in order to make changes in it with their presence. The Universe orders them, and they unquestioningly obey its orders, not knowing why they are doing it.

Surprisingly, the souls of the messengers of the Universe have gone through more than one reincarnation. They are not sentimental, and they have practically no feelings. They are servants of the supreme powers to distribute good and evil evenly. But sooner or later you have to pay in full for all words and actions. And a person receives all this negative from the Angel of Retribution.

But there is a completely different situation when a person experiences deep suffering, and in order for him to see enlightenment in his life, he needs an assistant. And the conductor between the worlds works as such an assistant. This mission is taken on by the Angel of Retribution, who eradicates evil and brings hope for a bright future.


But in the real world, it all looks very different. Often people do not perceive the events that are taking place, therefore they are considered a lucky coincidence. Although, in each case there is a secret meaning. There are simply no accidents in life, but not everyone believes this belief. And random people don’t just come into our life. For each of them a certain role has been prepared, which they masterfully play. And even if you met with a person with only one cursory glance, then in your future life he will play its necessary role.

The Universe always makes its own plans for each person, sending the Angels of Retribution into life. In appearance, they are absolutely ordinary people, but they are endowed with a certain peculiarity and carry a prepared mission.

And all these ordinary people are zodiac signs, or rather, messengers of the Universe. And there are only 3 such representatives in the zodiacal constellation.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

What they cannot tolerate is human meanness. They will punish cruelty with all their might and eradicate injustice. And sometimes they have to use attack tactics. Although they do not fully understand and realize their purpose, they are firmly convinced that they must act according to their intuition and the call of their hearts.

Dreams of representatives are often endowed with a prophetic meaning. First, they see a full-fledged picture, and then, forebodings begin to fill their souls. Sometimes others do not accept their actions and do not understand thinking. And so that their actions correspond to their thoughts, the Universe sends them all kinds of prompts.


These representatives can help those people who yearn for change. They themselves, without knowing it, instruct on the true path and give full guidance to action.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

They are endowed with a special purpose if they have a pronounced attraction to nature. They are able to communicate on a spiritual level with nature and receive a charge of positive energy from it. They also intuitively manage to spiritually cleanse themselves of bad thoughts.

In the power of nature, they find their source of inspiration, which opens the doors to a brighter future for them. And if a representative is a resident of a metropolis, then sooner or later he begins to retire in the place where birds are heard and green vegetation flourishes.

These messengers of the Universe carry good in themselves and give it to people with all their bestowal. They do not tend to fight evil, they are on the side of good intentions. They help people find faith in themselves, open a second wind and breathe new life into them. This is where their whole life meaning lies.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Their thoughts are constantly busy about the meaning of life. In his earthly life, he is actively in search of his destiny and what is happening to him. And if he fails to quickly unravel the secret meaning, then he becomes even more isolated in himself, and the very idea of salvation begins to torment and torment him. But he is sure that he came to this world to fulfill a certain mission. But what he should do is difficult for him to understand. Therefore, all his actions require the blessing of the Universe, which cannot give him this.

Throughout his entire existence, he often encounters those events that, according to his assurances, have already occurred. His gift of divination has every reason to assert their origin. Sometimes he cannot explain what is happening, but with his intuition he clearly feels from which side to expect trouble. Therefore, he is always in a hurry to warn all his relatives and friends about the danger.


And if a certain person has brought harm to his loved one, then he will certainly punish the offender. And he will do it in the most cruel way. And then he will ponder for a long time where he got so much anger to create such retribution.

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