strengthen immunity with spicy foods

How to strengthen immunity with spicy foods

Three spices for good health

What we eat influences not only who we are, but also how we feel. And this connection should not be underestimated: the right foods can really have an amazing effect on our body, improving the work of all its functions. Today, the most relevant nutritional request is what foods enhance the body’s protective functions? In addition to vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, spicy foods and spices have a positive effect on immunity, but they should also be eaten with caution.


Ginger has been one of the most popular cold remedies for centuries. The secret of its effectiveness lies in the sesquiterpenes in its composition – substances with antiviral and immunomodulatory effects. Fresh ginger stimulates the production of interferon, the first substance that meets viruses on the mucous membranes on its way. It is he who prevents the virus from attaching to mucous membranes and blocks its reproduction. Also, ginger is rich in vitamins C, A, a group of B vitamins, which makes it one of the most powerful foods in times of illness.



Red and black peppers are also great helpers for colds. Red pepper has powerful antiseptic properties, killing pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Thanks to its burning properties, it warms up and stimulates blood flow to the digestive tract – the core of our immune system. Like ginger, red pepper is rich in vitamins and trace elements with antioxidant properties, which also has a positive effect on the immune system. And as a pleasant bonus, it has been proven to be effective in reducing weight and speeding up metabolism.

Black pepper is also not inferior to red: it has an antimicrobial effect, has a positive effect on digestion and metabolism. Together with red pepper and other spices, it is a powerful blend for strong immunity and protection against any viruses.



Seasoning, the properties of which have an immunomodulatory effect. Its main active ingredient curcumin, which is the main ingredient in curry, has long been known for its medicinal properties. In addition to its direct antiviral effect, proven by many experiments, curcumin has a positive effect on lung function, which is now especially important. It has been proven that regular consumption of this spice in food improves respiratory function and has anti-inflammatory effects. But the most important thing for today is that laboratory experiments have shown that curcumin inhibits the reproduction of viruses related to the current coronavirus. There is also evidence that it reduces the likelihood of complications after severe viral infections, due to its function of blocking the release of inflammatory cytokines.

Of course, the list of foods useful for immunity is not limited to these three foods, but it is their action that is especially effective in a period dangerous for the body. The main thing to remember is that good immunity is not only proper nutrition, but also comprehensive protection about yourself, adherence to simple rules of personal hygiene and positive thoughts!

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