Depp and Hurd in 2011
Depp and Hurd in 2011

Everything You Need to Know About Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Amber Heard divorces Johnny Depp: the actress through the court demanded money from the Pirates of the Caribbean star for her upkeep and stated that her husband allegedly … regularly raised her hand to her! Depp’s lawyers accused Hurd of lying, gaining the support of his ex-lover, Vanessa Paradis. In anticipation of the development of events, we have collected in one material everything you need to know about the relationship between Depp and Hurd, which ended in a scandal.

Initially, no one believed in the love between Depp and Hurd

Johnny met the fatal blonde on the set of the movie “Rum Diary.” He is a 47-year-old family man and an exemplary father of two children, long tied up with a riotous past, she is a 25-year-old wild and freedom-loving bisexual beauty with a scandalous reputation … When a year later they started a romance, gossip and fans caught Depp in a “midlife crisis” “, Correctly noticing that Amber Heard is much more like his ex-girlfriend Kate Moss of the 90s than Vanessa Paradis, with whom Johnny lived 14 happy years.

“It is strange to me that everyone cares about my bisexuality. Now you like blondes, tomorrow you will fall in love with a brunette. I don’t understand why you always need to choose one or the other.
Amber Heard”
in an interview with Flare, 2013


Before the wedding, they met for three years

In his youth, Johnny Depp was extremely passionate in his heart impulses: he tried to marry almost all of his girls! Even actress Jennifer Gray, whom he met for about a year, and she managed to make an offer of marriage. The only exception was Vanessa Paradis: Depp lived with her for 14 years and had two children, but officially never signed. But with Amber acted “the old fashioned way”: two years after the beginning of the novel, he proposed to her. In 2015, the couple got married.

“They are completely happy that they are engaged. They want to spend the rest of their life together
in an interview with People, January 2015


Hurd got along well with Depp’s children

The 22-year-old age difference between Amber and Johnny in the Depp family does not seem to bother anyone. In any case, the blonde got along well with the actor’s children, Lily Rose and Jack. The paparazzi now and then took pictures of them together: Amber went shopping with her husband’s daughter and heartily walked at her birthday celebrations, cooing nicely with Vanessa Paradis, ex-lover Johnny and the mother of his children.

“Being a stepmother of two of his children is a great honor and the biggest and most unexpected gift of my life. Everything began to sparkle with new colors. I’m so happy!”
Amber Heard
in an interview with Marie Claire, 2015


Because of Hurd, the Pirates of the Caribbean star was nearly planted

Last summer, Amber Heard, flying to Australia, where Johnny Depp starred in the new “Pirates of the Caribbean”, brought with her in a private plane two dogs that were not officially declared, as required by the law of the country. As a result, Depp (because the dogs were him, and the plane too) was forced to take out the animals and threatened with prison. He was charged with the fact that during a conversation with the authorities he lied about the immigration status of dogs in order to protect Amber. Then Heard, too, was nearly imprisoned, but, fortunately, in the end everything worked out.

In January, Johnny admitted that marriage was not easy for him.

Receiving an award at one of the festivals in January 2016, Depp suddenly announced that his marriage was a difficult thing.


“I want to thank my wife, Amber, for being with me. Living with my character must be difficult. It’s hard for me, it’s hard, I think, and for her”
Johnny Depp
at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, January 2016

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