The body is the shed light of Jyotisha

The soul is enveloped by denser living Forces that form and control our body

We didn’t invent our body. It naturally represents our Soul. Nature clothed the Soul so that it could be here – on Earth. The form of the body repeated the drawing of the Soul in its interaction with the Natural environment.

By the manifestations of our body, we can see those streams along which our Soul spreads and acts in the space of life. This will reveal to us a greater reality and the meaning of our existence, and will also allow us to look at ourselves and our life from a different, unusual point of view.

First, let’s try to find ourselves in our body – a more concentrated location of the Soul. Most people will easily find this place by feeling “I” and will point their hand to the center of the chest – where the chest joins the solar plexus.

From the moment we found the approximate position of our “I”, Tantra-Jyotish begins (Skt. Tanu – body, Jyotish – the light of the Spirit).


Our Spirit is “I”, we feel as something the most important, the best, the most dear and close that we have – what we are. Everyone can feel how the Spirit from the “I” point spreads to the periphery and expands, becoming a Soul. Moving upward, the Soul becomes the inner space of the chest, downward – the inner space of the abdomen. These places in the body represent the spiritual and material aspects of the Soul. The chest and abdomen are filled with pleasant sensations – Devatas (Deities), essences that we have recruited for many incarnations in different bodies and worlds, and which now structure our Soul.

The further flow of the Soul to the periphery and upwards formed a head on our body – above, and below – a pelvis. The internal spaces of the head and pelvis are completely different and opposite in quality. A multitude of small entities, which we call “thoughts”, move in different directions in the head. They appear from somewhere, lead round dances, rush or simply swim slowly. Thoughts are small entities that react quickly to everything, and the center of the head is our personality, grazing them. The main thing that thoughts should do for our Soul is to help it realize its source – the Spirit. But along the way, they should also help the Soul to solve its daily tasks. The entities in the pelvis are fully committed and responsive to Spirit. They are simple and naive, like animals, but most of them are dull and slow. And only some of them are very tough and fast – they carry out the function of protection and react to danger and fear.

With its peripheral manifestations (head-arms and pelvis-legs) the Soul acts in the external world. With speech and hands, the Soul forms relationships with other Souls. With a pelvis with legs, the Soul provides bodily necessities, protects the body from external bodily dangers, and acts to attract bodily pleasures.


Each part of the body in its essence bears its own special part of the Soul, which is responsible for one or another aspect of life. Knowledge and experience in which part of the body is this or that Soul Force will allow us to be always in a state of a higher reality than is usual for most people. And the shape of various parts of the body will help determine the tendencies of a person’s fate.

The soul is enveloped by denser living Forces that form and control our body. The soul is always in close connection with them and must lead them. But, if a person does not know anything about this, the bodily Forces capture his Soul and use it for themselves. So instead of gaining knowledge, gaining experience of certain Forces and discovering new unusual abilities, a person is constantly indulging in certain bodily desires, habits and weaknesses.

Tantra-Jyotish is the knowledge and experience of the shed light of our Spirit on his environment. As a result, the surrounding Forces awaken and show their readiness to serve our Spirit. The main thing in this matter is not to lose the experience of your own Soul, so as not to continue to be captured either by external objects of feelings or by internal bodily desires. While gaining abilities and knowledge, we open up a great perspective for the development of the Soul and success in life.

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