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Kanye West is about to become USA president

The show, which is the American presidential race, has again changed the genre – now this is no longer an absurd performance (given the age of Trump and Biden, we can say that takes place in a nursing home), but a natural circus. Thank you for this Kanye West – not only last week, who nominated himself through a post on Twitter, but also in a new interview that spoke about his motivation, platform and associates. They did not disappoint.

“Now we must fulfill America’s hopes by trusting God, uniting our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States # 2020VISION, ”wrote Kanye West on his Twitter page on July 5, and not to say that he blew up the news bomb, but at least revived the presidential race in the United States with his appearance. Those who closely monitor the career and public life of the Chicago rapper and producer, who have long been closely associated not only in hip-hop, but also in the music industry as a whole, are unlikely to be surprised at West’s announcement – and not only because of their presidential ambitions he declared back in 2015. Rather, for the reason that everyone is already used to it: you can expect anything from Kanye, especially in the last few years.



On one of his albums, West can glorify material wealth and her celebrity status, show off payment for breast implants and whitening asses for her friends – and devote the next whole faith to God. He may appear on television to accuse the authorities of indifference to blacks without warning – and after a few years he will seriously argue that African-Americans once chose slavery themselves. He is at war with the fashion industry, which rejected his genius, and then boasts of connections in fashion houses. In absolutely any situation he can see an excuse to turn on the regime of a hysterical preacher – to make the whole world listen to his opinion about other artists or about current events, about politics or the structure of society, but first of all, of course, about his beloved. But it can also – after another, especially controversial public tirade – end up in a hospital in order to get out of it as a proud carrier of the diagnosis of “bipolar disorder” (which he will also insistently tell the world). He is finally married to Kim Kardashian.

It is not surprising that Kanye did not take the president’s hopes seriously (all the more so as the political press hastened to remind that the registration of independent candidates in the 2020 elections has already expired in several states), except for the first lady Kardashian who had already imagined herself and was not slow to hype on a friend Ilona Mask, – at least in America, where the next trick of the star was primarily a new consumable for the production of memes. But Russia turned out to be unexpectedly gullible: local political scientists, for example, did not notice the obstacles between West and the ballot, and the deputies immediately rushed to discuss how the rapper’s nomination would play into the hands of his friend Donald Trump, pulling the black voters away from Biden. Bookmakers estimate West’s chances of winning at only 2 percent – quite generously, given that even his colleagues in the entertainment industry found the artist’s ambitions ridiculous, immediately starting to joke about their own nominations: Paris Hilton even promised to paint the White House pink.


Fortunately (or not – anonymous relatives of Kanye already suggested that he was being pushed to the presidency by the very same aggravated bipolar) West didn’t embarrass such a reaction and didn’t stop him – at least he decided to voice it after several days of silence the program with which he was going to go to the polls, giving a detailed interview with Forbes. It did not disappoint.

So, in the course of the conversation with the journalist of the Kanye publication, it seems that he finally became convinced of the need for his nomination – if at the beginning of the conversation he still doubted, in 2020 or 2024 he would be elected and gave himself 30 days to make a final decision, then after an hour already announced: “God just clarified everything for me: the time has come.” He also talked about when he first thought about the White House – a revelation came upon him while he was washing in the shower in his mother-in-law’s house (it’s a pity, however, that he didn’t specify which one was Chris or Caitlin Jenner): “And I started laugh hysterically. I don’t know how long. ” He also explained some contradiction between the noticeable public support that the rapper provided to Donald Trump and the rivalry with Trump in the elections – Kanye claims that he has lost confidence in the current US president in the past few weeks. He was particularly outraged that Trump “hid in a bunker” during the protests at the White House after the assassination of George Floyd by the police. Even less respect for the newly-minted politician turned to the Democratic candidate Joe Biden.


‘Joe Biden? Well, camon. Seriously? Obama is special. Trump is special. We know Kanye West is special. America needs special people in power. Bill Clinton? Special. Joe Biden – Not Special

Kanye West

If Kanye decided on the preamble of his decision to nominate, then his election campaign so far is taking only the first steps. So, according to his plan, Michelle Tidboll, a little-known Wyoming preacher, will become vice president – and he will be elected from a new party, which he calls the Birthday Party: “Because our victory day will be a birthday for everyone.” By the way, when Kanye last time spoke out about his birthday, it was in rapper 2 Chainz’s Birthday Song – the clip for which includes a group twerk, beating a clown and a booze with a dwarf. Kanye himself brings to this party a giant cake decorated with an image of a naked chest – of course, with a stripper inside. Unfortunately, nothing is yet known about the involvement of 2 Chainz in the Kanye campaign, which clearly has the organizational abilities – and only the same Kardashian and Mask help West with his advice (he had already promised him the post of head of the US space program): “We have been discussing this for many years.” The absence of a normal campaign headquarters, however, did not prevent the rapper from coming up with the campaign slogan. “Kanye West YES” (“Not AHA, not USU, but YES. YES YES YES …” – the artist specified just in case).


Clarified from an interview with Forbes and some kind of political platform West. No, of course, it’s not about foreign policy (“I haven’t developed it yet”), taxes (“I haven’t studied them enough yet”) or lawmaking (“I don’t know if the word“ law ”suits me. The laws didn’t apply to me when I was simultaneously making Yeezy shoes for Nike and designing for Louis Vuitton at the same time. Politics is not the main thing, the main thing is design. The revolution in design is what we need to be able to free our minds at such times ”) . But on the other hand, West, who had been ill with the coronavirus in February, he knows exactly how to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic – the rapper is against vaccination, and considers the vaccine a “mark of the beast”. According to him, vaccination is a direct path to chipping and to closing God’s door to heaven with God’s people. All because of those representatives of humanity, “inside of whom the devil has settled.” In paradise, the artist sadly concludes, in any case “they will not let everyone in.”

Representations of God and the devil determine some other aspects of the political position of the candidate. So, he opposes the death penalty (“Do not kill your neighbor”) – as well as against abortion (“I am for the right to life, because I believe the word of the Bible”): for abortion in American cities, in his opinion, there are white supremacists who are carrying out the will of Satan. Lucifer, in general, as the rapper is convinced, is furious – it’s time to “return to schools and all organizations fear and love of God in order to cool fear and love of everything else”. One prayer, however, is not enough – therefore, when Kanye is in the White House, he will reorganize the work of the authorities following the example of the fictitious country of Wakanda from Black Panther. What does it mean? So much so that West, like the hero of the film, the ruler of Wakanda and the superhero Black Panther, will come to scientists – “like a big farm” – and provoke innovation. So the cure for AIDS with God’s help will appear. But the chemicals from toothpaste and deodorants will disappear: “They affect our ability to serve the Lord.”


“It will be a combination of big farm and holistic”

Kanye West

West could not get around the topic of aggravated ethnic conflicts in the United States. So, on his agenda is a victory over police brutality – but without disbanding the police (“Policemen are also people”). As for the problem of racism as such, Kanye is sure that God has already set about it. So, it’s time to get rid of such a tradition as the Month of Black History – its artist considers it a perversion and also the work of white supremacists, every year reminding African Americans that they could not vote before. In general, “it’s time to leave the talk of racism in the past. We will distribute to everyone 40 acres and a mule, we will distribute the land. Such a plan. ” That is, after a century and a half, the land promised to the liberated slaves after the Civil War will still be distributed to African Americans – you just need to vote for West. Moreover, he promises: “When I become president, let’s all have fun.” Well, Kanye, we’re having fun now. It’s only the beginning.

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