How to read people

How to read people?

To carry out this practice, it is highly desirable to have clairvoyance, since it is based on it.

Any meditation will be in favor, as they teach self-control and concentration. The ability to manage chakras, especially Ajna, will also be a very positive factor. In general, there is nothing difficult in this, and many people can “read” other people. Even more: they often do it, but they do not realize. They do not attach importance to sensations, or statements according to sensations, when they turn out to be true almost 100%.

For example, a magician can be jokingly told that he is a magician, and so on. The problem is too much attachment to logical analysis, and putting it at the top of the list of sources of perception. This is very mistaken, since the mind is not an instrument of perception, it is an instrument of analysis, thinking, logic, and nothing more. But the sense organs that perceive physical reality, and the soul, which perceives a more multidimensional space, are responsible for perception.


The first thing we will start with is prioritization. If you want to “read” people, then intuition and “seeing” will be the first place that you need to trust the most. Most often, information comes in the form of images, the task is to capture them. In this case, logical thinking should be turned off as much as possible, otherwise logical analysis and imagination will occur based on its results, which will distort the true picture. Imagination is the main enemy of clairvoyance.

Clearing the mind

This is meditation. For clearing the mind, it doesn’t matter where or in what posture you are. But the lack of distractions will be very positive for the first few times. The bottom line is to turn off the VD (internal dialogue) for the longest possible period, thus paying attention to the internal perception of the world, attitude.

The second part of the practice is precisely to develop the sensitivity of the soul. The task is to listen to it, to feel the world with the senses, as a kind of organ of touch. Look at some object and try to feel it “from the inside”, its soul. It is important to record how it makes you feel. You can also try to “see” his past and future.


Now let’s go directly to viewing. It is best to use photographs, especially at the very beginning. You will also need a date of birth and a name. But this is not necessary: you can read one date, one name, one photograph. The information “trail” can always be caught, it all depends on the development of “reading” skills.

The task is exactly the same as in the previous part of the practice: focus on inner sensations. Look at a photo or any other source of information about a person, and pay attention to how it makes you feel. Try to “perceive” his character, “see” his past and future. Most likely, you will have some images in your head that you still need to be able to correctly interpret. Then this skill will automatically develop, and you will receive almost a whole dossier. It is already the task of the mind: to collect and sort the information received “on the shelves”.


Personal contact will always be helpful. In this case, you will feel the person better, it will be easier for you to “reach” him, “see” him with your inner vision. If viewing is carried out at a meeting, then take the person by the hand, and focus as much as possible on the sensations. The same goes for personal items.

The opening of the Ajna chakra in this matter is simply necessary, since all the work is carried out through it. This chakra is responsible for clairvoyance. It is located inside the head, at the level of the temples and eyes, in the middle. Feels like a point filling the head with strength. She is popularly the third eye.

Try to feel it in the indicated place. And develop these feelings, imagine how it gets bigger and stronger. You will feel a release of strength in the temples and between the eyes. This is a good sign: it means that you are opening the chakra.

You need strength to work. Not all people are easy to “read”, some have strong energy or magical defenses, or they are closed in nature. Therefore, practice various meditations to raise energy, open the chakras, engage in breathing practices (pranoyama). The best thing to do before watching is to “charge” yourself – this will increase the chances of success.

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