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Celebrities who paid dearly for divorces

Harrison Ford in 2001 gave his second wife $ 80 million in divorce, and Ewan McGregor followed in his footsteps – he recently lost half of his fortune due to a break with his wife. Here are some celebrities who get divorced dearly.


Ewan McGregor.

In June, the 49-year-old actor officially separated from Yves Mavrakis, a 54-year-old production designer with whom he had lived for over 20 years. By agreement of the parties, the actor will give his wife about $ 22 million – about half of his fortune. In addition, the ex-wife of McGregor will receive a house in Los Angeles worth about $ 10 million, and will also receive monthly alimony from the ex-spouse for the upbringing of four daughters (two relatives and two adopted).

The reason for the actor’s divorce from his wife is called his new romance: since 2018, McGregor began dating actress Mary Winstead – they starred together in the TV series Fargo.



Paul McCartney.

The musician gave his ex-wife Heather Mills about $ 50 million in compensation for the divorce. The couple met at the Pride of Britain charity event, they got married in 2002, and a year later Mills gave birth to a daughter to the musician. Four years later, it became known that Mills and McCartney live separately – later they officially launched the divorce proceedings.

In the British media after the divorce, Mills was called “the golden leg”. It is known that in 1993, while working as a model, she was hit by a police motorcycle in London – as a result of which she lost part of her left leg. At the same time, Mills herself said that her desire was to resolve all property issues amicably and she was not at all going to sue her husband. According to the lawyer of the ex-wife McCartney, until the last moment she hoped that her ex-husband would call and offer to settle all the issues, but this did not happen.


Michael Douglas.

The actor, who has been married to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones since 2000, gave a lot to be with her. The fact is that before the affair with Catherine Douglas was already married to the daughter of an Austrian diplomat, Diandra Luker. They got married in 1977, and in 1978 they had a son, Cameron. The media wrote that when he divorced Diandra, the actor had to pay about $ 44 million – while the overall fortune of the actor was estimated at about $ 150 million.

However, Diandra was not satisfied with the impressive amount of compensation and later through the court tried to take away half of all Michael’s future royalties from filming. The court denied her claims.




In 2008, the singer paid her ex-husband, British film director Guy Ritchie, £ 50 to £ 60 million in divorce compensation. This amount also included the cost of the Ashcombe estate in western England, which went to the director. Madonna paid as a better-off party.

The celebrity couple decided to divorce after seven and a half years of marriage. They agreed on the amount of compensation amicably, and the consideration of the divorce in court, as the media wrote, took about a minute – the spouses did not put forward financial claims to each other and were not present in court themselves. At that time, according to experts, the singer’s fortune was estimated at 300 million pounds. Guy Ritchie’s fortune was about £ 30 million.


Harrison Ford.

The actor announced his divorce from his second wife Melissa Matheson in 2001. The couple lived together for more than 15 years, but then Ford started an affair with actress Lara Flynn Boyle, who was 28 years younger than him (the actor himself claimed that the relationship with Lara began after the divorce).

The ex-wife of Ford received about $ 80 million during the divorce, and in addition to them, the percentage of the box office receipts of the most successful films of the actor – we are talking about the sagas “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones”. True, later the media wrote that the actor managed to reduce the amount of compensation to $ 70 million.



Kevin Costner.

In 1994, the actor, who at that time was one of the most popular Hollywood stars, divorced his wife Cynthia Silva, with whom he lived for more than 16 years. The media wrote that the ex-wife of the actor received about $80 million. Cynthia managed to get this amount, among other things, because she was the mother of three children of a Hollywood star.

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