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What do we know about the former men Lady Gaga

The shocking singer had at least three novels, each of which almost grew into a marriage. Why that relationship didn’t work out.

Perhaps the first truly serious relationship singer started when she was 20 years old. In one of the bars, she met a guy named Luke Karl, who turned out to be the owner of the establishment.

“We immediately fell in love with each other,” Luke recalled in one of his many interviews.

Their relationship was like a roller coaster – they parted, then converged again. Rumor has it that Luke even proposed to his beloved, but the lovers did not officially report this event.


Later, after their final break with Gaga, Luke admitted that it was difficult for him to cope with the rapidly growing popularity of his beloved. The singer began to tour a lot, and sometimes he simply did not have enough money to come to her in the city where she stayed with a concert.

Lady Gaga’s next serious affair happened in 2008 with her close friend and part-time member of her team, Matthew Williams. The singer’s friends said that at that time she did not think about relationships and wanted to devote herself entirely to her career, but in the case of Matthew, the stars coincided. He was always there, participated in the development of the outrageous image of the singer, and in general he supported everything.

True, in the end it was the work that became the reason for their separation. Williams and Gaga parted ways several times because they could not combine feelings and business. Once a young man even left his girlfriend for the next reunion with the singer. But their union still did not turn out to be durable.


“I deliberately sacrifice my feminine happiness. I was already really in love once, but Matthew wanted me to quit my career. And I can’t live without a stage, ”Gaga shared her memories of this novel.


In 2011, while filming the video You and I, Lady Gaga met actor Taylor Kinney. The singer noticed him in the series “The Vampire Diaries” and she herself asked her representatives to contact an attractive young man. It seemed that Kinney should have happily agreed, because by that time Gaga was already one of the most popular and sought-after singers in the world, and shooting in her video guaranteed the actor even more popularity. Nevertheless, Kinney made the representatives of the star nervous and almost turned down the offer, because he was afraid of excessive shocking, and he was offered to act almost completely naked.

“I was afraid that after that I would lose all the fans. But everything went much more pleasant than I expected, ”the actor admitted.

Indeed, Kinney’s improvisation on the set marked the beginning of their love story.

“Before filming the romantic scene, I thought of something, consulted with the producers, and they said, ‘Yes, great idea.’ Then I asked them to let me do my job in peace. Stephanie and I (Gaga’s real name, Stephanie Germanotta. – Ed.) Started hugging, and I suddenly kissed her, even though it wasn’t in the script. When the director shouted “Stop! Cut! ”, She slapped me in the face. It was so weird. I took it and kissed her again, and then she didn’t mind. (Laughs) We had a great time. It seems to me that some kind of chemistry immediately arose between us. Filming ended very late – somewhere around 4-5 am. We exchanged contacts. Several weeks passed, we stayed in touch … and then we never parted, ”Taylor said on Watch What Happens Live.


At the beginning of the relationship, the singer and actor found enough time for each other, but later everything changed. Kinney had to move to another city to shoot Chicago on Fire, and Gaga plunged into work on new music.

As a result, in 2012, the lovers broke up, Taylor explained his decision by the fact that Gaga is “married to her career.”

… Six months later, they got back together and were even going to get married, and the singer started talking about the desire to become a mother. But this did not last long, Gaga still made a choice in favor of a career, so her union with Taylor Kinney was interrupted again in 2013.

The third attempt to be together happened six months after the breakup, and on February 14, 2015, the couple announced their engagement, but the wedding never took place. In June 2016, the singer confirmed that she and her fiancé had broken off their engagement and decided to take a break from their relationship.


Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga remained on good terms and still communicate, but now the singer is not going with him to the aisle.

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