Kate Winslet

Celebrities who are ashamed of their creative work

And celebrities have career setbacks.

Robert Pattinson hates Twilight, and Kate Winslet hates her breasts in Titanic. We talk about actors who are ashamed of their roles, despite the fact that many of them have become cult


Robert Pattinson.

While girls and boys all over the world cried over the love of a vampire and a schoolgirl in “Twilight”, the vampire himself almost fell into depression. Robert Pattinson has admitted for years that he hates and is ashamed of all the films in this series.

“It’s a very strange story, very strange characters. And the book on which the film was filmed, in my opinion, should not have been published at all. Its author – introduced herself as Bella, and I thought she was crazy, ”said the actor. In addition, Pattinson was also extremely depressed by his own role: throughout the “Twilight” episodes, his character always has the same facial expression.


Harrison Ford.

The actor played Han Solo in the iconic Star Wars.

And if, in general, Ford treated the franchise positively and respected George Lucas as a director, then he treated his character with a negative attitude. In an interview, Ford recalled that he wore the costume of his character with hatred, could not wait for Solo to be killed according to the script and called the space captain and Chewbacca’s best friend “dumb as a cork.”

Kate Winslet.

Many years after the release of the film “Titanic”, the actress admitted that not everything in this picture suited her.

Prior to filming, Winslet said she was hired by a fitness trainer and forced to exercise four times a week so that her shape would look better in the frame, especially in nude scenes. Kate Winslet also said that she was terribly annoyed by the main musical hit of the film – Celine Dion’s song “My heart will go on”. “She follows me everywhere. As soon as I go into a restaurant, the pianist starts playing it, ”the star shared.


Matt Damon.

The role of the hitman Jason Bourne initially amused actor Matt Damon. In an interview, he said how cool it is to play such an interesting character (according to the script, Bourne had memory problems, he was preoccupied with finding his identity).

But as time went on, the fans were waiting for the continuation of the franchise, and Matt himself had time to be disappointed in it. According to him, the hero had to be killed in the first episode – especially since the scripts of all subsequent ones became, as Damon said, more and more stupid and stupid.

Halle Berry.

In 2001, the actress received an Oscar for the drama Monster Ball, a poignant film about racism and executions in the United States.

But two years later, Berry starred in the movie “Catwoman”, where she was forced to jump and jump in a latex superhero costume. For “The Cat” Berry received the Golden Raspberry anti-award. Halle was not afraid to come for her personally and, standing with this “prize” in her hands, said: “Thank you Warner for dragging me into filming this horrible movie!”


Daniel Radcliffe.

The role of Harry Potter brought fame to Daniel Radcliffe. But the actor himself says that he is ashamed of her – and would not have starred in the role of Potter further, if not for the contract.

Radcliffe admitted that he played poorly in some of the films in the franchise and now blames himself for it. “It’s very hard to watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I played disgustingly there. I hate it! My best film is the fifth (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix), because I really see progress in it, ”said the actor.

Sean Connery.

Many believe that Connery was 007’s best agent in the James Bond franchise.

But the actor himself hates this character. “I really don’t like my hero. He is devoid of elementary humanity. Everything in him is calculated, he is ruthless, around him creates an atmosphere full of hatred towards humanity. He investigates crimes only because it gives him the ability to constantly pull the trigger of his pistol. Often, playing Bond, I felt sick from the need to choke, cut, stab, beat, torment all the time. But in my life I haven’t even aimed at a rabbit, ”he said.


George Clooney.

In 1997, the actor starred as Batman in the film “Batman and Robin”. Clooney still cannot recall this picture without contempt.

He called the film “a complete flop”, talked about how he hated his suit “with plastic nipples”, hated the script and hated all the colleagues on the set – it seemed to him that they were destroying the beautiful story of Batman. It got to the point that Clooney publicly apologized for his role to fans of the saga and later discouraged his friend Ben Affleck from playing Batman, believing that it would “ruin his career.”

Ben Affleck.

George Clooney was wrong when he said that playing Batman would bring only misery and shame to Ben. These emotions are associated with Affleck’s role as another superhero. This is the 2003 film Daredevil. In it, the actor played a blind disabled superhero who turned his illness into a superpower by learning to feel objects, and not see them.

Affleck lamented this film for years. According to him, the picture simply “kills him”, and he could have come out with a picket against its release, if he had not starred in the title role.


Arnold Schwarzenegger.

After the success of the films about Conan, which Arnie himself was very pleased with, he was dragged into another fantasy film about barbarians. We are talking about the film “Red Sonja”, where Schwarzenegger got the role of the barbarian Kalidor. Initially, it was also supposed to be Conan, but the filmmakers were unable to redeem the rights to the hero and changed the name.

Arnold confessed: “I was terrified. I thought this movie would bury my career. In my house, the “Red Sonja” frightened children: those who disobeyed had to see this picture as punishment.

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