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How Justin Theroux lives after a divorce

Free and with a dog: how Justin Theroux lives after a divorce from Jennifer Aniston

We tell what happens in the life of the birthday boy who divorced Jennifer Aniston two years ago. On August 10, actor Justin Ther turned 49 years old.

He called the divorce “tender parting”

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston announced their divorce in February 2018. For more than seven months, Teru did not give any comments at all about the breakup, but later he nevertheless appeared in the press. The actor said that the divorce went “gently and without pretensions.”

“The good news is that it was a very tender breakup. No hostility, said the actor. – It’s strange, but it was inevitable – we both understood it and slowly moved in this direction. But everything is fine with us, no one died, we overcame it – we did not throw axes at each other, but dispersed peacefully. ”

Theroux added that the most difficult thing for him was the fact that after the divorce he had to give up his friendship with Aniston – communication was given to both of them with difficulty.



After the divorce, Justin Theroux grew a beard and began to pay more attention to his wardrobe. All together it suits him very well. The actor’s instagram has more than 800 thousand subscribers, most of which, judging by the comments, are girls aged 18 to 25.

“Justin – you are my love!”, “Well, handsome, lie down and die,” fans write to him under the photo.

Goes on dates. But it’s not serious

Perhaps the most serious hobby of Justin Theroux after the divorce was 28-year-old model Laura Herrier. It was with her that the actor was seen several times and in different places – this gave reason to assume that everything is serious with them. First, Theroux and Herrier vacationed in the south of France in May 2018. And a few months later they were seen walking in Paris.

However, Justin soon surprised everyone: Laura suddenly disappeared from his life. But instead of her, other girls appeared – among them the 25-year-old artist Petra Kollinh and an unknown stranger in a yellow dress, with whom the actor walked around New York.

He himself does not spread about his personal life. However, journalists believe that after the divorce, the loving Teru enjoys fleeting connections.


Came to the premiere of a movie with a dog

One of the latest films by Justin Theroux is the voice acting of the dog Tramp in a re-filmed film based on the classic Disney cartoon “Lady and the Tramp”. The actor got into the character so much that he came to the premiere of the film accompanied by a dog – a pit bull named Kuma.

Translated from Japanese, Kuma means “bear”. The actor took the dog from the shelter. Kuma got there after a natural disaster in Texas: she was picked up on the street very exhausted. An employee of the shelter told this story to the media: one day he decided to post a photo of Kuma (at the shelter the dog was called Sylvia) and her story on the Petfinder animal search site. An hour later he got a call: a VIP client became interested in the dog, who, to the surprise of the shelter worker, turned out to be actor Justin Theroux.


At the time, Teru was also in Texas. He traveled half the state to pick up the dog. But it was worth it – the actor himself calls his feelings for Kuma “love at first sight.”

Arguing with a neighbor

Even before his marriage to Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux became the owner of a large apartment in Manhattan. Later, he started repairs there – in particular, he decided to make a spacious terrace. This idea was disliked by a neighbor of Theroux named Norman Reznikov.

The actor claimed that he intimidated the workers, deliberately spoiled the plants on the terrace and even spied on him, filming with his phone from his own window. The neighbor did not remain in debt and in response accused Teru of the noise from endless repairs, barking dogs and damage to tiles on the floor – she, according to Mr. Reznikov, was damaged by workers who are doing repairs at Teru.


One of the last battles in this war to date was Teru’s statement that Reznikov was beating his wife. The actor allegedly heard screams from a neighbor’s apartment, and later saw her with bruises on her face.

Well, even Hollywood stars sometimes live with the problems of ordinary people. Think about this the next time your neighbor starts the hammer drill.

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