Which of the celebrities left social media ?

Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran and other celebrities stopped running their social networks. Some of them could not cope with the negative, and someone just decided to overcome their dependence. Read more details right now.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Which of the celebrities left social networks and how much they were enough

It would seem that the pop star is only 25 years old, and it should be in the thick of the events, most of which originate in social networks, but no, Grande for some time left the social media space. However, she was not the first, the initiator of the infotex was the singer’s boyfriend, Pete Davidson. Following him, the singer told the fans:

“The energy that you send is sure to come back. Create a wonderful life for yourself. And I’m going to work hard and take a break from the eternal correspondence and the life of the it-girl. It’s just that sometimes you can run into a wave of negative energy that prevents you from creating. “

By the way, Pete and Ariana made their statements the other day, so for now you can only guess how much is enough.

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown Which of the celebrities left social networks and how much they were enough

Celebrity of the series “Funny Business” Millie Bobby Brown withdrew from Twitter and closed comments on Instagram because of the baiting, which struck her completely unexpectedly. The actress supports the LGBT community, which she openly stated literally last month. It is strange, but after that social networks began to appear homophobic memes with photos of the 14-year-old actress. She did not fight the windmills and quietly retired.

After the incident, the star delivered a speech at the MTV Music Awards and said that since now she knows firsthand about the persecution, all those who suffered in a similar situation can write to her in PM, she will try to help.

Millie still has not returned to the social network, so we are waiting.

Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer Which of the celebrities left social networks and how much they were enough

This handsome man is known by the films “The Man from U.N.C.L.E”, “Social Network”, “The Lone Ranger” and others. And this popular actor also became a victim of hayters, only not from the subscribers, but from the profile portal, which in the dust and criticized his career. In particular, it was written that Hammer is not worthy of a career in Hollywood.

The actor saw this and tried to give some adequate answer, but in the end he simply deleted his Twitter, explaining it this way:

“At first I just did not know what to say, and then I just exploded with anger. Social media is a toxic environment, and without it my life is only better. People are funny, they are so sincerely surprised and do not understand how you could remove Twitter ?! It was very simple. “

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran Which of the celebrities left social networks and how much they were enough

Ed Shiran in 2015, too, was leaving Social media networks, but not because of harassment. The singer just wanted to tear himself away from the phone screen and, in particular during his trip, look at the surrounding beauties not through the phone in search of an excellent frame for his tape, but directly, noticing every (even non-photogenic) detail.

A year later he returned to the social network, but to this day prefers not Twitter, but Instargam. By the way, and his guard in the development of a personal blog supports and often becomes a hero of his photos and posts.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner Which of the celebrities left social networks and how much they were enough

Kendall Jenner left the social media network for only a week, but that was enough to rest. Still, it is difficult for her to completely leave this it-world, because, in many respects, thanks to him, she takes a leading position on the number of contracts for participation in Fashion Week all over the world.

Nevertheless, November 13, 2017, she took a week of silence. As the model explained later in the show Ellen Degeneres, she was simply tired:

“I realized that I wake up and fall asleep with the phone in my hands and generally became too dependent on social networks, so I arranged for myself a digital detox.”

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Which of the celebrities left social networks and how much they were enough

It’s hard to imagine, but Justin Bieber retired from Instagram to punish his subscribers. The fact is that after the next parting with Selena Gomez, he began to meet with a new girl – Sofia Richie. She really did not like the beliber (singer’s fans), and they began to leave a huge amount of negative comments under their joint with Justin. Selena Gomez, the singer who “wrote off”, wrote:

“If you can not cope with the negative, just do not publish a photo of your new girlfriend. Do not be angry with your fans, because they support you in almost

By the way, leaving social networks was not the only way to express protest, it turned out that many stars publish their naked photos in order to express disagreement and are not afraid of criticism, see for yourself, there is nothing to discuss.

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