Daniel Craig has promised to play Bond before losing strength

Four played 007, Daniel Craig in an interview said he would not give up this role

Daniel Craig

Actor Daniel Craig has admitted that he is going to play a special agent James Bond as long as it will allow the physical preparation. This actor said in an interview with The Daily Mail.

“Bond requires incredible physical training – I before filming each picture of him literally dying all day in the gym. I’m not a young man at the same time, of course, have a tough time. But as long as there are forces, will continue to play it, “- said the actor.

The contract with the producers of James Bond Craig involves at least one more film after film “007: Spectrum” Sam Mendes. Actor reminded of this by noting that until dare to predict how many more times he really will play 007.


In addition, Craig confessed that he does not look like a Bond in real life.

“ I’m not the athlete and not macho. I was not attracted by his way of life, I’m actually quite gentle and quiet man. Not to be confused with the cast of characters.”

Daniel Craig
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 “007: Spectrum” will be released in the world rolled November 6. The tape will be the fourth Bond film for Craig and the second for director Sam Mendes. Previous picture franchise “007: CoordinatesSkayfoll became the most successful in the history of the movies about James Bond, from around the world $ 1.1 billion.

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