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Initially, the authors of the black comedy Corporate Animals saw as the main character the 60-year-old star of the “Basic Instinct” and wrote a role for her

Demi Moore joined the cast of Patrick Bryce’s film “Corporate Animals”, writes Deadline. Curiously, Moore will play a role that was originally written for Sharon Stone, but the actress refused to participate in the project due to lack of time.

Demi Moore got the role that Sharon Stone was supposed to play

Demi will embody on the screen ambitious and selfish Lucy, who heads the company that produces edible cutlery. Under the scenario, the heroine decides to arrange for its employees a corporate “outing” to nature in the caves in New Mexico. However, everything goes completely differently than planned: as a result of the accident, the whole company is underground, and people begin to behave like wild animals fighting for survival (the creators promise even cannibalism).

The script was written by Sam Bain (“Four Lions”). In the black comedy also starred Jessica Williams, Ed Helms, Karan Soni (Deadpool), Dan Bakkedahl (“The Heat”) and others. Filming will begin in June 2018 in New Mexico.

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