The Whole Truth About Reality Show

The Whole Truth About Reality Show!

The next show appeared on television screens in 2002. The main character is looking for his love in plain sight, choosing from many applicants. The show was called The Bachelor. But in reality, a happy ending with a marriage proposal is just a fake. Every time when there was very little left before the wedding, the couple scattered or supposedly the lovers divorced immediately after the wedding. This is contrary to the very principles of the show, because they find the only love of their life.


The show tells about the auctions that take place during the purchase of another precious thing, supposedly all the characters are real and everyone who visits this pawnshop can get into the frame. But this is certainly not the case. In fact, due to the popularity of the show, the pawnshop has become a cultural heritage that is visited by many tourists. And all deals during filming are discussed in advance, scenes and actors are carefully planned.

Donald Trump.

Managed to star in a reality show called “The Apprentice”. Trump. got great publicity.


The reality show “Hollywood Hills” is about young people striving for a career in the fashion industry and stars. It turned out much easier here, the organizers themselves did not hide the fact that the actions of the show were written by the script and in the interviews they called moments of truth.

This is how these shows were filmed, rewriting several times and under the strict supervision of the director. Believe it or not what is happening on TV screens is your business, judge for yourself. And now, once again letting a tear and worrying about the hero of the reality show, remember the above facts and it will become easier for you.

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