The most beautiful manicure of winter

The most beautiful manicure of winter

The change of seasons is a great opportunity to revise your wardrobe, choose interesting novelties from the world of nail design, try trendy novelties on your nails. Winter 2020 is full of bold and bright ideas for the design of marigolds that will appeal to every girl. The current trends of the season include both pastel nail art classic for winter and extraordinary ideas in dark colors. We invite you to get acquainted with the TOP-5 new products for winter 2020, which will be relevant in the current cold season.

# 1 The most beautiful manicure of winter 2020: nail art with meaning

In recent seasons, much attention has been paid to nail decor. The girls are already saturated with interesting shades and want to see interesting intricate patterns on their nails, in addition to bright colors.

The novelties of winter 2020 include:

  • manicure with animals – animals in a geometric style are in trend, designs with chanterelles (for those who do not want to part with this autumn design), New Year’s decor with deer
  • design with inscriptions is a gaining popularity trend that came to us from foreign instagram blogs. The inscriptions in English and Russian look interesting, variants with hieroglyphs are not excluded.
  • design by sliders – the variety of sliders is so huge that it is quite difficult to single out some basic ones. Choose such patterns that suit you the image and the main shade of the gel polish. Design in the style of pop art, manicure with a New Year theme, compositions with a winter forest are in trend.

# 2 The most beautiful business manicure of winter 2020

Most large companies are quite loyal to the appearance of their employees. Taking advantage of this, girls first of all begin to experiment with shades and decor of nails.

A business manicure is not necessarily a pastel color scheme without obvious accents. Today the main emphasis is on elegance and appropriateness of design in any look. New for winter 2020 is the shell design. You can see a photo of such a manicure in the photo below.

The design is carried out using a thick gel polish or gel paste. In an office style, such a manicure looks more than appropriate. The design compares favorably with the rest of the usual office furnishings of nail art, first of all, with voluminous details.

# 3 The most beautiful New Year’s manicure 2020

The New Year theme is perhaps the most extensive, along with the summer one. Here you can see hundreds of interesting and extraordinary nail art that you cannot afford on a daily basis.

The main emphasis in the New Year’s manicure is placed on the decor, the shades are secondary. It is the decor that determines how the manicure will look, what feelings and emotions it will give to its owner.

The trendy novelties of winter 2020 include:

  • glitter design is the best idea for casual and formal design. Here you can get by with a monochromatic manicure with glitter on 1-2 nails or create a complex design with Christmas balls, Christmas trees, abundantly decorated with silver glitter.
  • playful manicure – use deer images, sweater pattern, symbol of the year, 2020 and more to decorate your nails. Examples of such nail art are presented in the photo collection at the end of the review.
  • solemn manicure – represented by nail art in dark colors, decorated with glitter, rhinestones, foil or rubbing. The more shiny elements in the design, the better.

#4 The most beautiful design for winter 2020 for every day: different handles manicure

The trend for versatile hand designs is gaining popularity. If in the fall it was nail art in bright colors with a slight autumn decor: leaves, chanterelles, rain, then in winter this design is presented with a matte manicure in muted colors.

Different designs on the hands look quite noticeable, so choose tones that are similar in color for this nail art. Use different shades of the same color, or paint the nails in contrasting tones. For example, a turquoise and pink manicure with the addition of black on the thumb looks very laconic.

Most often, a versatile manicure is not complemented by decor. Several shades on the nails at once look visually heavy, so when performing a manicure, stop at a single color. If you think that such experiments are not for you, then first you can use matte gel polishes. They will muffle shades, make the manicure softer and more feminine.

# 5 The most beautiful manicure with a rub: trends of winter 2020

Rubbed design is the best solution for both everyday and formal looks. The manicure looks noble and stylish, effectively emphasizing light and dark shades.

In the winter season, light nail art with pearl or mirror rubbing is very popular. They are in perfect harmony with outerwear, do not create accents in the image, while they look amazingly beautiful.

In a trend, a continuous coating of nails with rubbing and numerous nail arts with geometry, glitter and rhinestones. On almond nails, the combination of rubbing and marble design looks especially beautiful. If desired, you can add foil strips to the manicure.

As for dark shades, under the influence of rubbing, they also transform, become more delicate and graceful. Dark polished nail art looks beautiful in an evening look, especially when combined with a black dress with sequins or other shiny decor.

In general, winter manicure has become more elegant and sophisticated. Perhaps the girls are already saturated with bright shades and unimaginable decor and want to see laconic and discreet nail art on their nails. Winter manicure 2020 is no exception – along with bright New Year’s nail art, this season will be dominated by matte designs with dark floristry, monochromatic nail art with foil print on the edge of the nail, minimalism design, geometry, lettering and much more.

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