Julia Roberts stinky stars

Go away stinky: stars, from which smells bad

Judging by the reviews of fellow celebrities, they smell bad and so so (forget to take deodorant, if not do not wash). Attention: there are everyone’s favorites in the list, so after reading it, you may lose one of your idols.

Julia Roberts

Julia conserves resources of nature, therefore she saves water and does not wash for several days in a row. Nice, of course, but considering that the actress spends most of her time in sultry California, you can imagine what a wonderful “perfume” comes from her skin. Perhaps it’s time for the star to choose a more humane (in relation to others) way to support the planet?

As for caring for armpits, Roberts is a real rebel in this matter – she was photographed several times with vegetation under her arms (and by the way, this was still in those days when no one had even heard of the word “body positive”), and from deodorant she and refused at all, and without explaining the true reason. Julia just says she doesn’t like using it. Well, position too!

Colin Farrell

Farrell’s colleagues assure that the image of a tough guy with an eternal cigarette in his mouth and greasy hair falling over his face is not just a mask for the public, but an indicator of the actor’s real attitude to his hygiene. The filming partners argued that the artist really does not like a shower, and that the greasy strands on his face does not consider it a reason to turn on the water and take shampoo. So working with such a skunk is probably not easy (without a gas mask).

Brad Pitt

Believe it or not, an established sex symbol may not taste as good as you think it is. At the very least, his colleagues on several projects claim that they can hardly restrain their gagging when they are on the set next to the star. Brad does not hide that he prefers wiping with baby wipes when washing in the shower, and tries not to use soap and deodorant, as he heard about the dangers of toxins that make up their composition.

Now, it seems, light is being shed on the true reason for the separation of Pitt and Jolie – maybe she just could not stand the wild nature of her husband? And by the way, we advise the actor not to completely exclude cleaning products from the beauty routine: many of them are completely harmless if used correctly and on time.

Jennifer Aniston

The first ex-wife of Pitt’s smells are also not all right. No, the star just walks into the shower, but not everyone can survive her breath from the mouth. And they are talking about this, by the way, not eloquent anonymous sources, but quite real people – actors Jason Bateman and Alec Baldwin. With the first, Jen starred in the films “More than a friend”, “New Year’s party” and two parts of “Obnoxious Bosses”, and the second one she met when she starred in an episode of the series “Studio 30” (according to the plot, they even had to kiss, which Alec did not like ).

So both say that being close to a star is a whole test. This is due to Aniston’s habits – at first she smoked for a long time, and now she drinks so much coffee that her breath becomes almost unbearable. Alas, the artist does not consider it necessary to eliminate the unpleasant smell with an elastic band or candy.

Kristen Stewart

Without a girl who despises all social norms (including beauty and fashion), this list would be incomplete. The fact is that Kristen once after filming the next part of “Twilight”, which made her famous, let slip that she was very nervous every time, which means she was sweating while in the light of the camera. Sebaceous secretions in a stressful situation are a normal story for many people, but Stewart does not try to do anything with it: neither choose a deodorant, nor apply perfume to mask the smell, nor go to the doctor (if it is a health problem).

The smell from the mouth of a celebrity is also probably “special” – in another interview, Stewart admitted that she brushes her teeth no more than once a day. Interestingly, Kristen’s ex-boyfriend and the same Twilight partner, Robert Pattinson, does not differ in cleanliness either: he considers washing his head, body, and even cleaning his own house something outrageous. And to all those who do not understand, he answers: “If I don’t care, then why were you worried about something?”

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