Magnetic attraction rules for positive events

Magnetic attraction rules for positive events

Everyone wants to be a magnet, attracting pleasant events to himself, but everyone is already a magnet, attracting to himself that which sticks to himself.

Most of the population begins to think about it, when it is plunged, like flour, in such a sticky shit that when trying to take off, the wings come off.

Women think about their “wrong magnetism”, having made a relationship with the “wrong man”, men come to think: “something is wrong here” what have I deserved ?! ”

So, they are attracting something. Far not always is what is pleasant now. But if you look into the depths, then they attract either life, or through the death of a new life. That is, they either create their I right here and now, or they destroy that which now interferes with the new I.

Whether we like it or not, we serve Life. Perhaps not even your own. For example, the lives of hearts.

Moral is obvious: people are attracting beings. And in order to be able to attract not only negative, but also what the mind wants, they need to know a few rules:

1. We attract events not by thoughts, but by the emotional states radiated into the world.

For example, radiating joy, we attract other people to it, who unconsciously perceive it, as an excess of energy. Experiencing the need for any manifestation (lack of money, loneliness, illness), we demonstrate to those around us the intention to nourish them with energy, from which they unconsciously choose to separate the extra energy from the extra leaks.

2. Events in response to our emotional reaction are attracted not immediately, but with a delay.

Between conceived and realized in reality there is a time limit – a delay of 40 days. What happens to us is that we sank into ourselves (experienced the feeling) 40 days ago. Therefore, we often do not see the connection between the cause and the effect. But the connection, nevertheless, is. It is important to remember: everything that is conceived, everything is overwhelming. From here comes the third rule.

3. To find yourself in a positive state and radiate it to the outside, you need to re-program your past.

Moreover, the earlier past affects the next events. For example, the negative experience of school years is already programmed with emotions experienced in the trough. And a great child is formed by the emotions of his parents.

The re-programming of the past changes the neural connections in the brain and the hormonal background of the person. There are many practices for reprogramming the past, and one of the strongest can be called the technique of Individual Distance, where there is no distraction from the side of the group or the leader.

The purpose of re-programming the past is to create a stable perception of such an experience of life in which the individual feels himself (that is, generates into the world) loved, desired, strong and significant. Continuous radiation of such a feeling is a guarantee of constant attraction of pleasant events.

4. A pause in the form of an expectation between the feeling (generation) and the numbing of the desired event should be absent.

Expectation is also an emotional state that means suffering in a hidden form. Waiting means that the person is not happy at the moment. He is planting the seeds of suffering right now, which will grow in 40 days. Therefore, they say that expectation of the result destroys the result. In such a case, it is necessary to reveal the true reason, hidden in the past.

5. Letting go of expectations and enjoying the present moment is the main ability of people with a victorious life scenario, where a person sets goals, but goes to them not to get happiness, but from the states of happiness and YOUTH.

Letting go of expectations is possible only on the condition that a person lives not from the state of “I want to receive”, but from “I want to give”. The one who gives is guaranteed radiation.

6. The giving must be skillful.

You can not give what is not asked for, and forcefully. The one who wants to give away first finds out what the other needs, and only then helps him to reach his goals. Respect for the other way, in spite of the difficulties of the walker, increases respect for the giver.

7. Having filled up the time of giving, there will be no time to expect and suffer. After 40 days, the given will begin to revive and reinforce the correctly laid path – the Path of the Conqueror – of a magnetic personality.

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