Grunge style

Grunge style – negligence, sloppiness or excellent taste?

There are no boundaries for grunge, it encourages untidiness, and does not recognize trends. Daring, rebellious, lively and with notes of house – here it is, the real grunge style!

A little history

Grunge clothing is a relatively new trend. It appeared as a style in the mid-80s. It was then that the legendary group Nirvana gathered whole crowds of fans at their rock concerts. The musicians played rebellious songs, did not care about their appearance at all, and wore casual clothes. Fans quickly picked up this wave, and so the formal outfits were replaced by comfortable, ironed clothes.

A major turning point in style history occurred in the early 90s. It was then that American fashion designer Marc Jacobs launched his first street-style collection with a touch of grunge. He was looking for inspiration right on the streets of the city. Moreover, he watched not the elite, but the lower strata of society, including vagabonds and street children.

This collection has caused not only a flurry of endless criticism, but also a real breakthrough in the world of haute couture. The designer has created completely unexpected images, combining hard boots with a delicate dress. And although critics were skeptical about this audacious move, the designer found a response from the public. Today grunge is a trendy trend. Daring, youthful, rebellious and mesmerizing.

Grunge clothes: distinctive features

Grunge cannot be confused with any other style. It has clear, pronounced characteristics:

  • Layering. While dressing in grunge style, you can wear two sweaters at the same time, and on top of them also a vest. It doesn’t matter why this is done, for comfort, to create a certain shape, or just to keep it warm. The more clothes, the better.
  • Comfort in any weather. Grunge clothing is comfortable. You can sleep in it even on the street without fear of getting caught in the rain.
  • The effect of “a thing from the master’s shoulder”. Grunge is clothing that does not fit in size, creating the feeling that a person is wearing someone else’s clothes. Combining it with a short top, leggings or shorts will prevent your look from becoming baggy and shapeless.
  • Non-standard combination of fabrics. According to the initial idea, dressing in grunge style, a person does not know anything about the correct combinations. So it is not necessary to study which fabrics should be combined and which should not. You can safely wear a woolen vest over a delicate light chiffon, jeans with organza.
  • Muted shades. Bright prints in a grunge look are very rare, neon does not exist at all. The colors are mostly natural, dark and not flashy.
  • Aged clothing. It can be new, but artificially aged, or it can be picked up in second hand. Holes, uneven edges, protruding seams, patches, faded fabric, pills, and scuffs are key grunge details.

Subtypes of grunge

Today, the grunge style in clothing has a number of subspecies. Moreover, many of them arose relatively recently, and became the impetus for the emergence of new rebellious trends.

  • Neo-grunge – differs from the classic version by mixing several prints and textures at once, the emphasis is on femininity. Romantic patterns and light shades, in combination with artsy elements, are permissible here.
  • Hippie grunge is also a rather gentle and romantic subspecies, in which grunge is skillfully combined with bright shades. Classic hippie paraphernalia is welcomed: a T-shirt with a pacific symbol, a thin headband.
  • Punk grunge is the most rebellious subspecies, not devoid of gloss and chic. Here, it is customary to complement the images with leather goods: a jacket, pants, shocking jewelry with spikes, massive black shoes with thick soles.
  • Rock-grunge is somewhat similar to punk, but consists of expensive and high-quality things. Style opposes itself to glamor, and even mocks at it. It is permissible to buy an expensive thing and make holes, cuts, scuffs in it, because it is so rocky.
  • Soft grunge is a casual subspecies with vintage elements: fishnet tights, ruffles on the dress. Preference here is given to mint, built clothes, and the effect of “a thing from a grandmother’s chest”.
  • Post-grunge is a fairly “light” direction, without layering and complex elements. Simple and discreet things are welcome here, and classic combinations, for example, short shorts, a T-shirt with the word “Nirvana” and a checked shirt.

Paradoxically, the style, which was conceived as a protest to fashion, is firmly entrenched in the collections of brands to create mass-market clothing. But even despite this, grunge is still something original. There are only a few people dressed in this style on the street.

What’s included in a basic wardrobe?

You don’t have to have a lot of things for a successful grunge look. A small enough base that will be successfully combined and combined with each other.

A basic grunge wardrobe includes:

  • Leather biker jacket. It will complement any look, create an equally successful combination with both trousers and a dress. The color is predominantly black or brown.
  • Checkered flannel shirt. The most classic piece of grunge wardrobe. The color scheme can be any, the main thing is to take a model one or even several sizes larger. The shirt should look casual and at the same time be comfortable to wear.
  • Sloppy jeans. In the classic version, these are ripped jeans, with crooked edges and rivets. And it is not necessary to buy a ready-made “ragged version”. You can pick up scissors and experiment, and this is how grunge is created.
  • T-shirts. They can fill most of the wardrobe, they are rightfully considered the main grunge. They can be anything: faded, torn, with symbols and even artificially aged.
  • Short shorts. They can be worn with fishnet tights and rough ankle boots.
  • T-shirt with the name of your favorite band. Grunge was born at a rock concert, so any mention of legendary bands will be more welcome than ever. It could be Nirvana, Mudhoney, Pearl Jam.
  • Formless sundress. This element will help out if you want to go on a date or create a romantic look.

All these wardrobe items can be easily found in luxury stores, mass-market and second-hand stores. But it’s important to remember that the basis of grunge is, first of all, old cheap clothes, and the style is based on it.

Grunge in detail

The final detail of the grunge look can be safely called accessories. Without them, it will look bland and not so original.

Special attention is paid to footwear. These can be massive bulky boots, original ankle boots, shoes with thick soles. The legendary Chuck Taylor sneakers from Converse will also go with the look.

Neat handbags and men’s classic briefcases will be completely out of place here. But a shapeless backpack, bag, and a bag made of textured leather will harmoniously fit into the image.

Unusual pendants, massive bracelets and many chains around the neck are grunge classics. Moreover, accessories do not have to be combined with each other much more important is their history.

We must not forget about the hairstyle. A creative mess on the head, a little tangled and disheveled strands fit into the rebellious image. The easiest option is to wash your hair and leave it to dry on its own, without using a hair dryer. You can forget about a comb, only without touching your hair you can achieve a beautiful natural carelessness.

Makeup can be messy too. Uneven lips smeared with red lipstick, shimmery shadows, smudged eyeliner – it’s all about grunge. Or you can give preference to natural beauty, and not use cosmetics at all.

Who is grunge style for?

It is impossible to single out a specific group of people who are suitable for the grunge style in clothing. If there is a desire to stand out from the crowd, to attract people’s attention, and sometimes even their judgmental views, grunge will be appropriate at any age.

Because style is built on the denial of norms and rules, it cannot age. After all, grunge does not recognize the routine, which means you can take risks and do as you like without listening to the opinions of others. Remarkably, male and female grunge is not much different. It is permissible to wear <<unisex>> clothes here.

How to create a grunge look?

If you want to create an image in the grunge style, but there is no clear understanding of how to do it, it is enough to adhere to a few rules:

  1. Give preference to muted shades and dark colors: blue, brown, black. Bright colors are sometimes found in grunge, but in very small quantities, for example, in accessories.
  2. Refuse trendy products. Grunge doesn’t keep up with mainstream fashion. As a last resort, you can make fun of or play with some trend, but not blindly wear what everyone is wearing. In grunge, they are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.
  3. Buy clothes a couple of sizes larger. A shirt or even a T-shirt can easily hang on you like on a hanger. The main thing is that the look is really comfortable.
  4. Do not be afraid of the “negligence” effect. Dirt on clothes, holes, scuffs – these are the hallmarks of a daring style. The same applies to hairstyles, you don’t have to comb your hair at all, neatness is not about grunge.
  5. Wear a shirt in an original way. You can tie her waist or hips, wear on one shoulder.
  6. Look for flannel clothing. It’s a cheap cotton or half-woolen fabric, and it’s not a shame to wear it in grunge. On the contrary, grunge is a victory of the spiritual over the material, the price of a thing does not matter at all here.

You can carefully examine your wardrobe, paying special attention to the far shelves where old unnecessary things are stored for disposal. It may turn out that the clothes for the original look are already in the closet.

Style icons

One of the brightest representatives of the grunge style is the shocking actor Johnny Depp. His images are always unpredictable, and his appearance at social events becomes a reason for heated discussions. Accustomed to bright roles, creative and free from stereotypes, he found an opportunity to express himself in this style.

His secrets of a successful image are simple and straightforward. He never forgets about accessories. He wears several rings, watches and bracelets at once. He does not refuse the classics either, boldly combining sloppy clothes with a vest, tie and jacket. The final elements of the image are almost always a headdress, for example, an original hat.

Grunge has taken root among young artists as well. In everyday life, the actress of the acclaimed vampire saga “Twilight” Kristen Stewart dresses in this style. The basis of its grunge is a complete detachment from the norms and patterns accepted in society. She emphasizes her androgyny, and is not afraid to completely dress in men’s clothing.

Another young actress Ashley Benson is not shy about her negligence and emphasizes it in every possible way. Her images are bold and daring. Whether it’s overgrown hair roots or a stretched sweater with ripped jeans, fans admire her rebelliousness against classic styles.

Grunge in clothes: actual images

Grunge is not a blind imitation. It can and should be made your own. It is permissible to break stereotypes, not to be afraid of self-expression and to show freedom-loving nature through outfits. An image in the grunge style will turn out to be chic even if others do not immediately appreciate and love it. Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment.


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