New Year's Manicure

What should be your perfect New Year’s manicure?

New Year is always awaited with special impatience. After all, he brings long-awaited changes, fulfills desires. And, of course, this is the right day to showcase a stylish look, consisting of many details. Today we propose to consider what a manicure should be for the New Year.


Manicure for the New Year 2021: current colors and decor

The upcoming year of the Metal Ox largely determines the color scheme for the entire look, not just for manicure. Stylists recommend taking a closer look at yellow, brown, gold, wine, scarlet and snow-white. They look great on nails and are suitable for a variety of creative ideas. In addition, you can always use decorative items for decoration. It can be glitter, sequins, foil in different shades, acrylic powder or kamifubuki “paper storm”. Quite often, special decorative sand and broths are also used in the design. All this helps to give the manicure solemnity and shine on New Year’s Eve.

The visual impression is also influenced by the length and shape of the nail plate. On the eve of the holiday, almost all options remain acceptable. The only exception is the buildup, which is among the antitrends of the coming year. Therefore, choose the option with which you are most comfortable in everyday life.

Fashionable manicure with designs for the New Year

In addition to the monochromatic coating, which is becoming more and more popular every year, a variety of patterns deserve attention. They transform the manicure and give it a certain touch.

Thematic design

On the eve of the New Year, themed nail design is becoming the most relevant. These are not only fairy-tale characters, but also snowflakes, snowmen, toys and gifts. All these details cheer up and create a pleasant expectation of the holiday. But remember that in this case, the measure is very important. A not too large drawing looks much better than a variety of details on each nail.

Floristic design

Undoubtedly, in the winter season, floristic motives are not found too often. However, we suggest paying attention to such drawings as Christmas trees, cones and forest landscapes. They look completely different and help to immerse yourself in the idea of ​​a winter fairy tale. Basically, for such a manicure, not only neutral shades of varnish are used, but also red, green, brown or blue. They most accurately emphasize natural motives in the natural environment. If you wish, you can always decorate your manicure with sparkles, rubbing, pebbles or other suitable details.


Lovers of interesting and non-standard New Year’s manicure will definitely like the design in the form of animals. Most often these are bears, deer, penguins and owls. In addition to them, natural drawings and thematic inscriptions can be used. Please note that the design does not have to be present on all marigolds. The drawing will look much better on only a few of them. A great idea would also be a manicure featuring the symbol of the New Year 2021 – the White Metal Bull.

Geometric motives

In addition to the traditional design, geometric design is also suitable for New Year’s Eve. Depending on the selected details, their combination with each other, the perception of the manicure generally depends. To celebrate 2021, we recommend choosing a bolder, more visible design. Complete your manicure with decor and it will definitely be the perfect solution for any look.

Manicure for the New Year 2021 for teens

During adolescence, manicure often becomes even more important. Therefore, for young fashionistas, we have prepared several interesting, but not too difficult ideas in execution.

Whatever the fashion trends, glitter and mother-of-pearl are ideal for a festive evening. Therefore, we recommend paying attention to a pearl manicure with a light, unobtrusive shine. It looks great in combination with delicate shades of varnish. It can be gray, white, beige or pink. If you wish, you can always add a small amount of sparkles or a light, barely noticeable pattern. A manicure like this will definitely look good with any look.

If a solid color seems too familiar to you, choose a gradient. But not a classic solution, but in the form of vertical stripes or in a mirrored design. It looks unusual, but at the same time it is one of the most relevant design options for the New Year 2021. For the most daring fashionistas, we recommend trying to make an ombre marmalade manicure. For it, use a special acrylic sprinkle with microgloss, which resembles sprinkling on marmalade.

An excellent alternative solution to the laconic design is the unicorn teardrop design. Such a manicure will definitely not go unnoticed. Interestingly, it suits almost any look, making it versatile. But it is best to do it on only a few accent nails. In this case, the manicure will look harmonious.

What manicure to do for New Year 2021?

Undoubtedly, women of fashion think over the festive image long before the event. However, it is often difficult to design nails. Especially if the purchase of an outfit is postponed until the last moment. In this case, stylists recommend choosing neutral options that will look good with almost any look. Basically it is a light or pastel plain color.

If the outfit is laconic, without a bright decor, then you can choose a bolder, bright manicure. For example, red or wine finishes have long been considered a sign of elegance and chic. Add some sparkles or other decor and the manicure will sparkle with new colors.

A festive New Year’s manicure can look completely different. A light, neutral design or a bright, catchy design – each of the options deserves attention. Get inspired by a selection of photo ideas and feel free to create your own chic look for the New Year 2021.

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