5 most stylish smart watches

Although the market for smartwatches developing an accelerated pace, these devices still remain niche for geeks and techno stylists. For the growth in popularity lacks nothing at all – a serious battery life and decent design.

However, if the problem of the time is still not resolved, in terms of design there is serious progress. We collected five smart watches that are not just “useful” gadget geeks, but a solid accessory for solid hands.

 Motorola Moto 360

The first smart watch with a round dial. Of all the decisions Motorola chose the win-win stay true to classic form. The housing is made of stainless steel and the strap – American skin factory Horween. Moto 360 have six styles of the dial – from minimalist dial to e. In September, the internet went a rumor that prepares gold version of Moto 360, but official confirmation he had received. “We’re trying new materials and intend to present several options for Moto 360– that was the comment from Motorola.

Moto 360 can be purchased at the official online store for $ 249.99

Read review of Moto 360 from LuxeFair.com


LG G Watch R

LG G Watch R

The second round of smart watches in the world, and the first with a P-OLED LCD monitor. As Moto 360, LG G Watch R received steel case and leather strap. Clock style, however, quite different it’s more brutal and present massive G Watch R on a female hand is difficult, especially with the screen, which we see in most photos.

October 14 watches go on sale in South Korea. The official price has not been announced.

ASUS Zenwatch

ASUS ZenwatchElegant and refined, with no claim bonuses, this is the first accessory worn by ASUS. Materials are not lavish – used steel and Italian leather. Feature ASUS Zenwatch – a curved screen.

In the sale of watches are not yet available, and the estimated price will be around 199 euros

Pebble Steel

Pebble SteelExpensive metal” version of the iconic smart watches Pebble. Strict exterior steel body make Pebble Steel almost ideal clock. Recall that uses display Pebble E-Ink, which allows the clock to run on a single charge for almost a week. In addition, the Pebble is a significant support from the developers. All created applications available in Pebble Appstore, «on the open market sharing agreement for the application.” All of them are free. Currently in Pebble Appstore downloaded more than 4000 applications.

The official online store Pebble Steel cost $ 199

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

On the one hand, these watches have become popular due to the fact that it’s Apple. Apple” aura will do the trick it is possible that those senior managers who chose Vertu brand new iPhone, will make their choice in favor of Apple Watch. Meanwhile, in addition to the logo, we have streamlined high-tech design, stainless steel case with a diamond layer of carbon coating, sapphire crystal that protects the screen, and a rich selection of straps.

Presumably Apple Watch will be released in early 2015 and will cost from $ 349

Michael Bestien

In addition to these five have two more watches in the project. First this is a smart luxury watches from HP, above which a designer menswear Michael Bestien. He said that he drew his inspiration in expensive cars their dashboards and interior decoration. Second same hours – from Tag Heuer, the famous producer of luxury goods. However, the publication of these two luxury products will not change the situation on the market, because the mass market, they are not designed.


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