Overview Moto 360: the first round watch on the Android Wear

Smart watches should remain for hours. This simple truth overlooked by many companies that are in the pursuit of manufacturability sacrifice convenience and design. But Motorola is not one of them.

That’s why its novelty attention. This is the first round watch on the Android Wear and also very stylish gadget. We are looking forward to Moto 360, and now finally we can share with you the experiences

Android Wear Moto 360

Motorola has long lost its position. But once she was one of the key players in the market of phones on par with Nokia. For 10 years everything has changed dramatically. Legendary producer RAZR V3 and other hits left the majority of countries and focused on native American market. Sales dropped, and products that are comparable in a cult that was before, is no more. Will Moto 360 long-awaited return Motorola? Will there be enough just to design the model to become a cult? And all of yourself are the most beautiful today smart watch?

Many called Moto 360 most beautiful smart clock. And they’re right.

According to the chief designer Motorola Jim Wicks (Jim Wicks), to create the appearance of Moto 360 took half years. During this time, the sketches were revised many times, changing the size and thickness. But the basic idea was always the same – to make the gadget and minimalistic as possible like a classic watch. In this way there was a lot of compromises, especially in the struggle for the work. As a result, the exterior was very successful, especially compared to other Android Wear hours the first wave. Many called Moto 360 most beautiful smart clock. In this case, here are kept full capabilities of this platform is still there and a large touch screen color display, which looked so cool branded dials Motorola. And if you want you can even install the browser and surf the network, including support multi-touch. In general, Moto 360 – a great combination of classic design and new technologies, the clock to catch the eye.

Watch – it is a group in which the experiments are still possible with the design. In smartphones after the iPhone and rampant fashion on touchscreens such almost gone, too many restrictions. But it does not reveal the Moto 360 and the tenth part of the creative potential of Motorola, which has the company. Suffice it to recall MOTOAURA, to understand that Americans are able to create a very beautiful and unusual things. The model is assembled from more than 700 individual items, the bearings of the rotary mechanism 130 is used balls bearings themselves are made of tungsten (one of the hardest metals) coated with carbon. I will not go into all the technical features MOTOAURA, but I hope that we will see future developments in the hours Motorola. In the meantime, consider the fact that there is now.

Features, pricing

Compatibility: Smartphone with Android 4.3 and above
Operating System: Android Wear
Processor: TI OMAP3630, 1,2 GHz
Memory: 4 GB, 512 MB RAM, no expansion slot
Display: LCD-display (IPS), 1,56 “, 320 x 290
Battery: replaceable, 300-320 mAh
Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
Ports and connectors: docking station with Qi charging
Dimensions / Weight: 46 x 46 x 11,5 mm / 49 g
Price: $249 US

Design and Ergonomics

I have the feeling that the producers of smart hours guided not by hours, and smartphones. As a result, we obtain a rectangular screens, large size, and other absurdities. Motorola has come from the other side. Moto 360 design simple and stylish. There are no unnecessary elements, all very succinctly. Looks cool big screen with minimal framework. He colored, bright, immediately attracts attention. A branded Motorola dials beyond praise, thanks largely to their active Moto 360 looks expensive and impressive.


Motorola branded dials beyond praise. And thanks to Android Wear you can download a third-party, and even create your own.


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