Mario Testino shot the first advertising campaign Faberge

Real event of this decade has been the development of the first advertising campaign of the legendary jewelry brand Faberge, created one of the most famous fashion-photographer Mario Testino.

Fans of magazines should be ready in December to see the pages of your favorite books in the history of the first campaign of the legendary jewelry brand Faberge. The years spent away from the world of advertising, have enabled the brand to rise to a staggering height, creating a unique concept, showing who is who in the world of fashion media.

On new advertising image you can see the rising star of the catwalks Russian-Lithuanian model Bee Gee, that on the photograph of Example luxurious pieces of jewelry from the collection Les Fabuleuses de Faberge and Les Saisons Russes.
famous photographer

Model filmed the famous fashion-photographer Mario Testino, who has worked with a lot of celebrities, among whom was even the Princess of Wales, Diana. For the second time Mario Testino worked with creative director Katharina Faberge Flor. The duo created a cover for Russian Vogue in 1998.

Advertising Photography talks about the long history of the brand Faberge, his devotion to the idea of ​​combining Western and Russian culture, past and present. On the gorgeous Bee Gee can see the latest work of art from the leader of high fashion jewelry. The new advertising campaign will debut luxurious necklace, which uses the famous Faberge Easter egg as a pendant.

Mario Testino

Treasures of the legendary jewelry house

Faberge jewelry house was founded in 1842 in St. Petersburg and earned a reputation as the best in the country, creating a unique decorative Easter eggs for the Russian royal family, starting with Alexander III in 1885. In 1917, the jewelry house Faberge jewelry production ceased.

Now the company is owned by a South African businessman Faberge Brian Gilbertson, who in 2007 bought all the rights to it from Unilever for $ 38 million.

After years of neglect, this summer jewelry house Faberge resumed his work with the release of the collection Les Fameux de Faberge, which includes luxury pendants in the form of Easter eggs, the cost of which ranged from $ 100 to $ 600 thousand.

Today Faberge collection consists of a large range of jewelery, which includes the real works of jewelry: luxury necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, and even watches for men.

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