Impressive ceramic skulls

Katsuyo Aoki is a ceramic artist best known for her ceramic sculptures that apply delicate, swirling forms to dark subject matter.

She touches on this in her explanation of work, commenting that elevating the skull, which could be considered macabre, can make the viewer feel, “tranquility and awe that can almost be described as religious, as well as an image as an object of worship.”

Her works often look radically different from varying perspectives. Depending on the perspective, those artworks might not even look like a skull.


The patterns on her skulls range from elegant swirls to jagged spikes that look like prehistoric teeth or sea creatures from another plane of existence.

Besides the skulls, Katsuyo Aoki also has another tyoe of works always with the same isnpiration and her signature mark. Incredibly detailed artworks that amaze our minds.

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