Sharp manicure long nails with decor

TOP-5 trends sharp manicure with rhinestones

Stylish ideas of sharp manicure with rhinestones: TOP-5 trends of the season

Despite the popularization of natural and natural nails, there are women of fashion who are not ready to give up long sharp nails. On long nails, you can realize any idea, arrange on them a complex décor with artistic painting, sliders, rhinestones and broths. Owners of sharp nails know well which nail art to use so that the nails look not vulgar, but stylish and attractive.

Sharp nails with rhinestones : ideas for spectacular nail design

Sharp nails themselves look quite noticeable and defiant, so it is worth using a discreet and concise design on them. Most often, owners of sharp long nails prefer monochromatic nail art in light shades: pink, cream, gray, milky. Options with black and burgundy gel polish are not excluded. They are also complemented by rhinestones, Pixie crystals, broths.

Where should rhinestones be placed on sharp nails to make the design look balanced and stylish? There are a lot of options, for example:

  • root zone – allows you to free up space for design with sliders, stamping, hand-painted
  • a strip in the middle of the nail – this arrangement of stones visually stretches the nails. It is better to use this technique on one of the marigolds.
  • a composition of rhinestones and broths – looks great on the ring finger, on the rest of the nails it is better to perform a plain light manicure
  • strip of rhinestones across the nail – the design is similar to the design of the foil strips. The design looks great on both light and dark backgrounds.

Each master individually selects the size and color of the stones, depending on the main shade of the gel polish, the length of the nails and the preferences of the model herself. Whatever stones, shades or décor you choose, it is worth remembering that on sharp nails you need to adhere to the minimalist style so as not to get a vulgar and defiant design.

# 1 Light manicure for sharp nails with rhinestones

On sharp nails, delicate and soft shades are most often used. They ennoble the nails, make the manicure more restrained. As the main shades of gel polish, you can use pale pink, lilac, beige, cream. Milk manicure on sharp nails looks spectacular. The milky color is a diluted white tint. The degree of transparency of the milky color varies by the amount of the transparent top.

As for rhinestones, they are located in the root zone, in the form of a hole: oval or triangular. Stretching with rhinestones looks beautiful on long sharp nails. It is better to perform it on 1-2 nails.

# 2 Red sharp manicure with rhinestones

Red looks bright and noticeable on nails of any length and shape. If we talk about sharp nails, then a red manicure will look even more impressive on them. Red is an excellent solution for women who want to show the beauty of their marigolds, are not afraid to be a role model. Red sharp nails have long been considered bad manners. This opinion was formed largely due to the unprofessionalism of many nail artists, who combined sharp nails with a scarlet hue and an unimaginable amount of rhinestones, stones and glitter.

Today, a red sharp manicure looks much more restrained. Girls prefer to decorate sharp nails with dark shades of red, for example, burgundy, wine, pomegranate, plum. As for the rhinestones, their number has decreased significantly. Rhinestones, broths, stones are placed in the root zone of 1-2 marigolds, used to create stripes or simple geometry.

For festive looks, choose a ring finger inlay design. Use white or silver rhinestones as material. This will help soften the red cast. French manicure looks spectacular, where the edge of the nail is highlighted not with gel polish, but with small rhinestones.

# 3 Summer manicure with rhinestones for sharp nails

Summer looks are characterized by bright and juicy shades. On sharp nails, you can place pink, turquoise, lilac, white manicure. The brightness of the shades should not scare you, they look quite natural and natural on sharp nails.

In summer manicure, in addition to rhinestones, you can use rubbing, glitter, foil, ribbons and other bright and extraordinary décor. In this case, it is important not to overdo it, the design must be thought out in advance and preferably tested on tips. On sharp nails, a design with rubbing, gradient, mélange looks great. Nail art in lemon, orange, bright green colors is not excluded. A bright sharp manicure is suitable for owners of fair skin. For girls with tanned skin, it is recommended to use light or white nail art.

# 4 Sharp French manicure with rhinestones

For French manicure, there are no restrictions on the length and shape of the nails. Oval and triangular “smile” look great on sharp long nails. French with rhinestones can be made in several techniques:

  • highlighting the edge of the nail with rhinestones – the manicure looks impressive, but at the same time it is completely unsuitable for daily wear. Use this design for a formal look for one evening.
  • highlighting the root zone is an excellent solution for everyday looks: rhinestones do not interfere with wearing, they look restrained and stylish
  • simple geometry on the nails – select 1-2 nails on the hand for the design and make a strip, a cross, a star on them
  • inlay with rhinestones – use not only rhinestones for manicure, but also Pixie crystals. They look no less impressive on the nails, while they do not interfere at all during wear.

# 5 Matte nails with rhinestones

Owners of long nails know well how to refine and soften their nail art. To do this, they use a matte texture, melange, “sugar” and other material that gives the marigolds velvety softness. Matte manicure on sharp nails can be done in dark, saturated shades. Most often, burgundy and black colors are used for design. Rhinestones are placed in the classical way: in the root zone, in the middle of the nail with a strip, across the nail, in the form of a wave.

On sharp nails, a moon manicure looks spectacular, in which the hole is left transparent, and the space around it is covered with rhinestones of different sizes.

Sharp nails are not the choice of every woman. The shape of the nails looks very expressive and noticeable, moreover, it often needs correction. If you are a lucky owner of sharp nails, then do not be afraid to experiment with decor. We offer you a large photo selection of chic ideas for a sharp manicure with rhinestones. Choose and create similar nail art on your nails.

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