Unusual Sunseeker 28

Boats sizes Sunseeker 28M Yacht – it’s like a huge warehouse of values​​: it will take some time to examine everything, to understand and put in my head.

Unusual that’s what the epithet comes to mind when looking at this boat. An unusual combination of concave and convex surfaces, unusual lack of straight lines, unusual exterior design. At first glance it is difficult to understand, like this boat or not. And from the second it becomes clear: such extraordinary beauty – a real gem of a shipyard Sunseeker.

Sunseeker 28

Surprisingly, in an extravagant design Sunseeker there is nothing that would hurt the functionality of the boat. Even if the 28M would be completely impractical, has only one aspect can convince a potential owner to shell out money a lovely lounge where just having fun. Here, designers have almost reached the limit of how much can be spectacular view from the windows: they are unrealistically high! Designers realized today on such a solid boat with high bulwarks as 28M, can be integrated into the side surface superstructure glass doors, while maintaining a smooth profile. To achieve this, they have seriously worked and hid behind the door of the longitudinal sides died.

Sunseeker 28

Asymmetric large door to starboard and the absence of a rigid geometry of the layout as a whole give the interior a certain informality.

It is impossible not to note: sliding side doors and adjacent to them, flip-down balconies attractive and practical elements. Ventilation throughout the cabin creates a very pleasant environment. There is no need to tolerate the dry air from the air conditioner, when you can enjoy the natural cool freshness.

The galley is on the port side sports a conventional side door on its hinges, as well as pilot house, but much larger in size sliding door on the starboard side with guests and team complete freedom of movement between different areas of the yacht.

Sunseeker 28

When designing this boat designers Sunseeker offered deliberately asymmetrical, universal plan. If salon 28M attracts us open a larger space, keep the default layout. If desired, the passenger “territory” can be completely separated from the “working” areas. Pantry can also be quickly removed from sight thanks to lifting the screen with the drive. And access to the galley from the deck allows the crew to move freely around the boat, passing the salon.

On the lower deck privacy as established in the top corner. Gangway leads from the salon in the master suites and guest cabins. Unusually, what guest cabins, or rather, their bathrooms are adjacent to the bulkhead of the engine compartment, as a kind of acoustic damping between engine and premises. Thanks to such a distance master yacht accurately provided a peaceful sleep, which can be stopped only way cabin has standard equipped home theater Hi-Fi-sound and a subwoofer.

Access to the nasal VIP-cabin separate, the ramp leading from the wheelhouse. Although the cabin is not as spacious as the master, are present here also a large bathroom and separate dressing room. In truth, this premise is not much different from the master suites, and therefore opens up interesting opportunities to do just this cabin “principal”, or to give it to those who would prefer not to share a common trap in the cabin with the other inhabitants of the boat.

Usually the prerogative to have large portholes goes to the owner or guests yacht. There are lucky and the team: stretches along the transom window above the swim platform. Thanks to him, the crew compartment (two double cabins plus a small kitchen) enough light and air. Guests on board the situation is even better. Especially benefited those who will be located and a guest cabin on the port side; king size bed are located in front of the window waking up, you will see in front of the sea.

Sunseeker 28

Galley Sunseeker 28M is hardly huge, but this impression is somewhat misleading. In the short aft bulkhead hidden kitchen refrigerators, freezers and wine coolers. There are five separate cabinets, bay ware and four multi-function box that can be used at your discretion. Another wine cooler located outside the galley, right in front of the dining room.

If you take into account the living room with an open floor plan, Sunseeker 28M was incredibly versatile yacht. It is designed for owners and captains who enjoy working at the wheel and should be able to send a command to the shore to be alone with the ship. Several people cope with the boat easily, since both control stations excellent visibility and comfortable deck for quick navigation and mooring.

Sunseeker 28

Open standard plan with interconnected areas are ideal for a family holiday (the team with no one worries). 28M also perfect for charter with a small crew. If you need an extra day toilet, for the sake of it, you can easily donate galley or wheelhouse, and a separate ladder to the VIP-cabin makes this apartment has one private residential area. Looking at the boat from the side, do not suspect that on board as many as five separate areas where you can eat or enjoy a cocktail, and no matter what mood you are, there is always a place for solitude.

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