20 most important secrets of a true relationship

20 most important secrets of a true relationship

It is wrong if a relationship with a friend or partner forces you to give up your personality and dignity

“If she’s amazing, it won’t be easy with her. If it is easy with her, she will not be amazing. If it’s worth it, don’t give up. And if you surrender, you are not worthy of her. The truth is that all people will hurt you; you just need to find someone who is worthy of your suffering. ”- Bob Marley

In The Mystical Path to Cosmic Power, Vernon Howard talks about spiritual and psychological truths in accessible language. The important secrets of real relationships below are, in fact, excerpts from this work.

1. Do Introspection

A person who has the ability to analyze himself and his actions is more likely to build a successful relationship. Even in the most stressful moments, he remains calm and keeps his head cool.

2. Don’t be manipulated

Do not fall for the tricks of another person who, by their behavior, is trying to influence your attitude towards him and towards you.

3. Intentions matter more than actions

You should not immediately trust either the speeches or the actions of people. Instead, try to understand the deep intentions behind their actions and words.

4. Maintain your personality

It is wrong if a relationship with a friend or partner forces you to give up your personality and dignity.

5. Feeling connected with the people around you

One of the main mystical secrets is that all people are one with each other. For this reason, you cannot hurt others without hurting yourself. Likewise, you can’t make people around you happy if you don’t know how to experience happiness yourself.

6. Free yourself from unnecessary desires

When you free yourself from excessive desires, it becomes much more difficult to deceive you. Recommended: Love doesn’t die. Never…

7. Don’t go ahead

If possible, it is better to bypass the obstacle than go ahead. Constantly trying to swim against the current makes you feel uneasy.

8. Self-knowledge

Without understanding yourself, you cannot understand others.

9. Have a meaningful relationship experience

Allow yourself to experience the full range of relationships with other people. Only then will you be able to see them clearly, without illusion.

10. Learn what love is

By knowing the true meaning of love, you will clearly see those moments in a relationship when your love will be overlooked or rejected.


11. Learn to heal heart wounds

You should not try to escape from the mental pain that was caused by parting with your loved one. You need to overcome it before starting a new relationship.

12. Do not seek recognition from society

Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of being nobody in society. The truth lies much deeper than it seems at first glance.

13. Equally appreciate both the pleasant and the unpleasant events that happen to you.

You can only understand people well after experiencing the entire spectrum of human experience – from the most pleasant things to the most unpleasant ones.

14. Get to know what hurts you

Do not close your eyes to your own painful injuries. Don’t wait for other people to point them out to you, but learn to take care of yourself.

15. Know the virtues of others

Often, the dignity of other people goes unnoticed by us. Learn to notice the virtues of others, even if you yourself do not possess them.

16. Desire and love are two different things.

Desire throws you in pursuit of new and new pleasures. Love is in peace and harmony with itself. Love is a state of complete calmness and satisfaction.

17. Encourage positivity within yourself

Your personality has both a light side that longs for love and a dark side that is misanthropic. Encourage everything positive in yourself, and then you will definitely defeat your inner misanthrope.

18. Self-respect

Don’t live in fear of what others might think of you. Be who you are, and in your actions, first of all, be guided by your feelings, without fear of judgment from the outside.

19. Be real

Instead of trying to please others, you better be yourself. Do you not fit into the idea that other people have about you? Very well.

20. Transform your inner life to become a virtuous person

Make your inner self filled with kindness and humanity – and this will be the best gift you can give to yourself and others.

Build on your strengths and you are bound to turn into someone worthy of love and appreciation.

This work will reflect your greatest love for people.

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