Keanu Reeves runs its own brand bikes

Famous Hollywood actor, playing the main roles in such blockbusters as “Speed” and “The Matrix”, announced the launch of its own brand of motorcycle – Arch Motorcycles

Reeves has a reputation for a long time avid motorcyclist. Besides the fact that he loves gaznut at Motyka in breaks between filming, it is also known that he was coming to the set of the new film, if it is located away from home, buying a motorcycle and ride it up to the shooting, and then sells.

Love motorcycles Reeves turned into something more than just pokatushki. Even in 2012, Reeves took the same “red pill” and plunged into the world of custom-building, in cooperation with the customizer Gard Hollinger from Los Angeles. After two years of work of the creative couple unveiled its first model – KRGT-1.

It should be noted that the production of motorcycles Arch Cycles is not “popular.” The bike will be available by reservation only. Prices will start at $ 78,000.

keanu reeves motorcycle__1

What will get the happy owner of “Neo-bike” had offered $78,000.00 ? Reeves and Hollinger promises motorcycle assembled using the maximum number of components made by hand. Engine – proprietary V-twin «S Cycle», displacement of 2032 cc, issuing 121.5 hp The six-speed transmission is designed to transfer Baker to wheel 121 Nm of torque. A feature of the box can be called a right-hand drive transmission belt for better balancing of the machine.


Fuel tank – Full Hand Made firms Arch. According to manufacturers, to manufacture it takes 66 hours. The frame and swingarm are made as masters of the firm hand. All this leads to the high cost of the motorcycle.

keanu reeves motorcycle 01__1Arch Motorcycles has already begun taking orders. Will the project Hellinger Reeves and successful – time will tell

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