Wildest luxuries: what is spent billionaires

Portion of diamonds

1st place in our ranking inedible things, but it is recommended to take in food, with it, only billionaires. Than them, poor things, just do not feed: and crystals Swarovski, and diamonds sparkling on the wedding cake! Such treats prepares Japanese brand Tammy & Luke.

Price for a single crystal is between $ 150 thousand. $ 200 thousand., And for a cake with diamonds will have to pay $ 30 million But that’s not all! Rich people give to drink vodka, which was held cleaning diamond grit. Bottle of premium alcohol Diva sold for over $ 1 million.
edible gold

Luxlux.net previously wrote that famous chefs offer gourmet dishes to taste, decorated with gold, such as pudding, which is served in the hotel restaurant Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel. But the party in our ranking a stand-alone dish” – or rather, the capsule of 24 carat gold. There is such a “pill” Only $ 275, that’s why it is – is unclear.

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Silver spoon in his mouth

Previously, the children of wealthy parents said that they were born with a silver spoon in his mouth. In the XXI century, the children of billionaires go with diamond nipples in the literal sense of the word. Accessories made ​​of white 14 carat gold and encrusted with 280 diamonds. Cost precious nipple of $ 17 thousand.
Golden visit

On the 4th place – a small gold brand of Mitsubishi Materials Corp. Master will inflict on the cards any image using a technique of engraving and decorate with precious stones, if requested by the customer. However, the customerbillionaire should remember that it will have to give away all this beauty.

Rating of the most bizarre objects luxury closes Little Something – vibrator by brand JimmyJane, which is made of platinum. There is in the lineup and gold model. Cost from $ 500 accessory.

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