Condoms “haute couture”

Have lived!” You say, and, of course, be right. At first glance, the idea of manufacture condoms such world-renowned fashion houses such as, Chanel or Prada seems insane. However, upon closer inspection, less insane it becomes. But what the world of fashion, if not the embodiment of crazy ideas of luxury and people love them.

The first company with a worldwide reputation, take care of the health of its customers, the company has become a Chanel. Still in 2011, the company launched its own contraceptives under the slogan “Be on top!How do they differ from the usual? Nothing. Except for corporate black logo on a silver background and a very daunting price of $ 279 per set of twelve pieces.

Not far behind global trends and world famous company Swarovski, submit to the court the general public line of designer condoms Crystal Compacts. Condoms lying in the design case, trimmed with sequins, came in limited edition and had to battle outright heart of the female half of humanity.


How to assure the representatives of the company, the condom, which occupies a place of honor women’s purse next to the lipstick and powder, worthy of at least an elegant case. And so he does not hold elegance. Trimmed with rhinestones, casing is equipped with a mirror on the inside of the lid, and can be yours for only $ 199. Well, here we can only rejoice that rhinestones were not finished with condoms themselves. But that’s not all.

Perhaps the most incredible was the case occurred not long ago in Georgia. Georgian designer Irakli Krziriya started production of contraceptives under the brand name … Louis Vuitton. How to react to a world-famous fashion house – is still unknown. Designer himself said that his outrageous move to draw attention to the problem of AIDS. Not clear there is only one, why the cost of AIDS, according to the designer, is 68 dollars.


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