Chanel Blue Serum is an ecosystem of longevity

For more than twenty years, Chanel scientists have been building harmonious links between beauty, the environment and the way of life. And they teach us this

In the recently discovered blue zones of the planet – in Sardinia, on the peninsula Nikoya in Costa Rica, on the Greek island of Ikaria and in Japan’s Okinawa – most of the long-livers, whose age has exceeded 100 years. Their inhabitants retain a healthy body and a healthy spirit much longer than the inhabitants of megacities overloaded with information and stress. The Chanel Research Center used the nutrient-endemics characteristic of these places to create Blue Serum serum, literally immersing the skin in an ecosystem of longevity. Green coffee, olive, mastic tree gave their strength and energy to the new Chanel, which activates the four signs of youth. It gives the skin a healthy radiance and freshness with every application, smoothes it, increases elasticity. The

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