Is it safe to hugging and kissing in a pandemic era?
Is it safe to hugging and kissing in a pandemic era?

Is it safe hugging and kissing in a pandemic era?

Kisses can kill. Not a very pleasant reality in the era of COVID-19. Young people who are not particularly modest are confused. How now to flirt and have a go-round? How to light in night clubs? How to touch your lips, hug, breathe hotly at each other, hugging up in a dance? “I sprinkle miramistin in my mouth – will this protect against a COVID-19 virus with a French kiss?” And if without a tongue? ” – “Since handshakes are dangerous, then hugging is also dangerous?” – Noah – 18 years old wonders

Flipping the gallery and look at the most passionate and cute kissing celebrity couples:

Doctors advise against making new intimate acquaintances in the current environment. Do not violate social distance. After all, what’s going on! One of the leaders of the Australian rugby team was sent to quarantine after he greeted a familiar journalist during training, smacking her on the cheek. Grooms and brides in Russian registry offices kiss through medical masks. Politicians urges their citizens to give up their usual kisses and hugs at a meeting: “Let’s greet each other in a different way – elbow to elbow, in Japanese – a slight bow, like rockers, Apache Indians or a military greeting.”



But modern youth does not know how to engage in seduction, nodding to each other from afar. How did it happen that people who grew up in the era of affordable porn, who know how to calculate escort girls from Instagram photos, confident that a high-quality condom protects everyone from Sexually transmitted disease, are now forced to behave chastely, like good boys and girls in the 19th century? According to the ball etiquette of those years, one cannot appear at the ball without gloves. Cavaliers when greeting girls should be limited to a bow. “When meeting a woman on the street, a man who would be tactless to stop her or go near her, she must immediately find an excuse to leave him …”

A sociologist believes that the current situation is a turning point for young men and women faced with a pandemic: “This generation does not live as inspirational as young people did in the period after birth control pills and before HIV. The difference is that today the guy does not know how dangerous he is, and the girl, too. Anyone may be an asymptomatic carrier. They are forced to restrain themselves, they are scared. ”


Why not be scared! Parents and grandparents really lit from the heart: birth control pills and condoms made them fearless. Even in the crazy 80s and the dashing 90s, in the years of fear of AIDS, a kiss was generally not such a risk. AIDS made sex dangerous. And COVID makes flirting and all modern romance dangerous.

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