10 most naked celebrities dresses that went down in history

Sometimes celebrities decide to attract attention by themselves not by talent. Celebrities like to give the public reasons for discussion. And they do it in different ways: someone flaunts the details of his personal life, someone makes scandalous statements, and the celebrities from our selection prefer to shock the audience with outright outfits.

Many, by the way, are not stopped by the rules of decency, nor by age. For example, Cher still adores transparent body, and looks luxurious in them.

Cher is the recognized queen of revealing dresses.

More than 30 years ago, the singer was not afraid to show the public everything. That is literally everything. Not a gram of excess fat, a chic voice, a lot of feathers, a strass and a maximum of a naked body – these are all outfits of the great and beautiful Cher


What did her shocking exit in 1986 at the Oscars cost when she was wearing a black suit from a skirt with an ultra-low waist and a micro lift!

Now the superstar is 73 years old, but she still performs with her breathtaking shows, and still in very revealing outfits. Well, all that remains is to applaud this magnificent grandmother for her courage.

Rose McGowan.

Marilyn Manson and Rose McGowan will probably forever remain in our memory as the most shocking couple of the late 90’s. Their appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1998 entered the history of socialite chronicles as one of the most scandalous. Rose’s outfit consisted only of panties and a transparent mesh, and did not hide absolutely nothing.

In 2018, McGowan admitted that this “naked” image was a protest against Harvey Weinstein


“This was my first public exit after the violence. For me, this dress was a bit like a question: “Well, do you want this?” Never before and never after have I worn anything like this. This was a political statement. Of course, at that time there was neither Twitter, nor Instagram, nor any other opportunity to speak for themselves. ”

Rihanna At the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards.

Rihanna was awarded the Fashion Icon Award, but that was not what made her the star of the evening

The singer came to the event in a transparent dress from Adam Selman, decorated with Swarovski crystals. The singer completed the outfit in retro style with a fur cape and silver sandals from Manolo Blahnik

A transparent mesh completely exposed the chest of Rihanna, and indeed her whole figure. Even for fans of the star, that her shocking exit was a real sensation.

Miley Cyrus.

For the amfAR Inspiration Gala gala evening, Miley Cyrus chose Tom Ford’s BDSM outfit. Wide leather strips barely covered Miley’s chest, and the bottom of the dress was, though long, but so narrow that it seemed to hamper her movements


Miley at the beginning of the last decade became widely known for its scandalous antics and no less scandalous outfits. Miley chose very frank images, but, unfortunately, they were intended to be more shocking, and from an aesthetic point of view they often looked just terrifying

The outfit from Tom Ford was probably the first on her way to finding her own style.

Amber Rose.

You may not know who Amber Rose is and why she is known, but you definitely saw her exit at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. Amber’s love of nakedness is undeniable, but in the case of the outfit from Laura Dewitt, she surpassed herself

Instead of dress, Rose put on a bodice with silver chains on a naked body

In that year, her image got into the top of the worst outfits of the ceremony, he was called vulgar and tasteless. We agree with fashion critics, and yet you won’t do anything for the sake of shocking.

Beyoncé became the real queen of Met Gala 2015.

For her release, Queen Bey chose a transparent, crystal-decorated Givenchy dress with a long train. The outfit left the public no room for imagination.


The diva complemented the luxurious image with an original haircut: a high ponytail with twisted ends.

The singer was not the first to put on a dress imitating a naked body in rhinestones, but she did it really luxuriously: no hint of vulgarity or debauchery, only pure glamor.

And all that was worth it was to come to the Venice Film Festival in dresses with very frank cuts.

The main issues were the presence or absence of underwear on long-legged beauties and the quality of Juliana’s hair removal.

The society was not ready for such a shocking exit, and the girls’ behavior was simply recognized as indecent for an event of this magnitude.


Chrissy Teigen In the same year, at the American Music Awards.

Chrissy Teigen made her outfit one of the most memorable moments of the evening, also thanks to the cuts on the dress.

The cuts were so deep that the especially attentive paparazzi managed to capture the most secret corners of the body of the American model. It seems that all the media on the planet wrote that Teigen “forgot” to wear underwear that evening.

In fairness, it is worth noting that the high cuts of a black dress from designer Yusif Akbar do not involve wearing underwear. With this style, you must always be on the alert, because when the model began to move, the hem of the dress flew off to the side, showing flawless hair removal.

Lady Gaga.

On the red carpet of the Grammy 2017, Lady Gaga decided to abandon her evening dress.

The star didn’t give a damn about the dress code and came for the prize in an ultra-short crop top, decorated with feathers, mini shorts and high-heeled boots.


Her spectacular appearance made a real sensation in the world of fashion, and this image is considered one of the most shocking. And this is despite the fact that Lady Gaga is known for her love of strange, sometimes even shocking outfits.

Emily Ratajkowski.

The chic figure of Emily Ratajkowski allows her to wear the most revealing outfits both in life and on the red carpet. Emily loves to be naked, and, to be sure, we love to look at it. A 28-year-old model appeared at the annual Met Gala Costume Institute ball in a very open outfit and luxurious Messika jewelry

A transparent fabric dress barely covered her chest and showed Emily’s perfect stomach. Emily Ratajkowski head was decorated with a fabulous bead ornament that looked like elven ears.

The image of the star was recognized as one of the most seductive and memorable Met Gala of 2019.

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